Sales Interview Questions

Having the right sales interview questions are critical to the success of your company! For without sufficient sales your organization is not going to survive for long! Therefore, asking the right questions and selecting the right candidate for your organization will be the difference between going forward and hanging on! There is a process to selecting the right person so why not do so?

Before even getting to selecting the right sales interview questions lets back up and discover what makes your product the one that everyone should be buying? Doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best, but based on fitting the needs of your targeted customer it is the right one for them. As an example Walmart doesn't necessarily sell the best product, however, based on price it is the right one for their targeted customer.

So that begs the question you need to first answer and that is who is your customer? Once you know who your targeted customer is then you can proceed to the next step and that is why do they need your product over all the competition that is out there? If you can't answer that question, you can't go any further with selecting the right sales interview questions for your potential sales candidates! After all, if you have no idea why they need to buy your product, how in the world is anyone outside your company going to figure that out! This question doesn't matter whether you are starting from scratch and building a Sales Department or have been in the Sales business for a hundred years.

So once you know who your targeted customer is, say individuals over sixty, then you can put together questions such as; Give me an example of how you have connected with the elderly that had a positive result?

The next question you need to ask yourself before putting together interview questions is what is the personality of your company? This is very important to understand! Your potential sales candidate needs to fit into your organization! An unhappy Sales Person is not going to perform for you! So dig deep into your organization and discover what type of person is the best fit for you?

So once you know the personality of your company, say conservative, then you can put together questions such as; tell me about a time that you were instrumental in cutting overhead expenses?

I think you get the picture! Now of course there are many more sales questions directly related to sales that can be asked to verify that they are good at Sales, but dig deep into who they really are and if they will fit into your organization.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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