Respecting Others - Watch what you say...

Several years ago I learned a valuable lesson about respecting others in authority - when I was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps - I processed new Marines into the facility I worked at.

This required that I complete a ton of paper work - and sending them across the base to complete one part of it.

Well - One day I sent this new Private First Class all the way across the base - and - because he did not own a car he would have to walk. I suppose it was about one and a half miles or so.

Anyway - just before sending him - I called the Gunnery Sergeant that he was to see - to make sure he would be there. He said that he would - so I sent the Marine.

Respecting Others - Think before you speak…

I guess it was about an hour later - the Marine showed back up to my office.

I asked him how it went - and he began to tell me that the Gunnery Sergeant was not there when he arrived. He said that he waited for a few minutes - and then returned to me.

This really burned me - since I had called just before I sent him over there to make sure the Gunnery Sergeant would be there.

Respecting Others - Don’t question your superiors…

So I picked up the phone and immediately called the Gunnery Sergeant.

I told him that I had just sent the Marine over to see him to get the paper work completed - and he was not there.

The Gunnery Sergeant - immediately said that he was sorry - but to send the Marine over again now.

My immediate response to him was - Are you going to be there this time?

The Gunnery Sergeant’s demeanor changed dramatically after I questioned his integrity. Yes I will be here he responded - and I want you to come with him!

I knew I had crossed the line.

The Marine and I took my vehicle over to him - and as we walked into the waiting area outside his office - he invited me in without the Marine.

He then threw me up against the wall - put his forearm into my throat - applied some pressure - and asked me to never question him again.

I took his advise to heart - and learned to never question any superior again in a disrespectful way!

This was a valuable and hard learned lesson.

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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