Recognition Pins
Can Motivate Everyone!

Recognition Pins

Say what you will, recognition pins can make a big difference in motivating your staff. Let's face it, we all like receiving anything from our employer. At first you think so what, I just got a stupid pin, but wait until your coworkers start making positive comments and when you get a little older they start to mean a whole lot more and bring a significant amount of pride to the employee. They become the preferred employee appreciation gift!

They Begin to Think of the Recognition Pins More Than Any Other Gift.

Especially for years of service! People like others to know what they have accomplished and years of service at a company is at the top of the list.

There are other reasons for pins like for specific accomplishments of a skills level. Other things like when they have achieved some type of certification for their skill.

Lapel employee recognition pins are the best.

I have also seen people where them on their ball caps when they go out into public.

After a while they begin to think of the pins more than any other gift.

The new employees coming aboard begin to desire to have just as many as the long time employees.

Recognition Pins

When I was in the Marine Corps and arrived in Okinawa the first thing I heard from the Marines that had been there longer was the name newbie.

I hated that name and wasn’t even sure why, but the fact remains that people want what others have and employee pins are one of those things.

Maybe you want to develop a pin that is given for a team that just accomplished something special.

Maybe a top sales person award pin.

You can come up with a thousand reasons to give a simple pin away that will mean a tremendous amount to your staff and a very reasonable cost.

Another good idea would be Team Pins<./a> for special work groups.

As an example, if you have different work groups in your plant such as, distribution, assembly, production, etc., you could develop some type of competition and the winning work group gets to wear the pin until the next winner is chosen. Maybe the competition is sick days missed in each work group. This creates some peer pressure for team members to encourage others not to miss work due to calling in sick. With the understanding that everyday someone calls in sick costs you (the business) money from loss in productivity this could be a huge win win for your company.