There is no question that we all look for special quotes whether we are trying to motivate, inspire or make a point.

In some cases they may be very short but are restated around the world quickly like the one during a previous Presidential State of the Union. A representative yelled out, "You Lie!" He was later reprimanded by the Congress for making the statement, yet it is still remembered!

Other one's will live on forever such as "Give me Liberty, or Give me Death!"

Finding just the right one can be impossible unless you can find the right source.

I guess you can go to the library or book store and try to find something. I can spend hours there and feel like I was there only minutes. The best and most convenient place is the internet of course.

Some of the best are from unknown people sometimes. Why does one have to be from someone that was famous anyway.

Whether you are looking for hope, or just plain old life they have a way of making us react to them.

When I’m teaching a class I always try to start off with one from someone that most have not heard of. They create quite a stir sometimes and other times I just miss the mark.

Either way the best are regarding hope. I have a staff member that writes inspirational on hope for the staff white board weekly or more often sometimes.

I must admit they have a great reaction on me and the staff.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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