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...Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

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Quid pro quo harassment in its simplest form means this for that. Here is an example of a situation that has the potential to be quid pro quo sexual harassment ...

An employee was interviewed and ultimately hired for a position as an administrative assistant. During the interview, the supervisor informed the employee that she would receive a promotion within the first 90 days.

The employee claims that the supervisor began asking for sexual favors and repeatedly asked her to join him for social activities. She states that she repeatedly refused his offers and informed him that she preferred to keep their relationship professional.

However, he did not stop asking. Thereafter, the relationship between her and the supervisor continued to decline in that she did not receive her promotion, some duties were removed from her, and she was not included in meetings that she originally was assigned to.

Hostile work environment can be defined as sexual comments or conduct that has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. Here is an example of what could be considered a hostile work environment ...

An employee who was hired as an administrative assistant was subjected to repeated sexual comments by her supervisor, who openly admits to making them. His response was that he was only joking.

Additionally, several of the women in the same office were asked to get coins from the supervisor's front pockets. He also would toss objects out in front him and asked women within the office to pick them up for him.

He often commented about female clothing, made sexual innuendos, and at one point stated that he should negotiate the administrative assistant's salary at the local Hotel. Finally he would make comments like, "you are only a woman, I wouldn't expect you to know".

The Definition of Sexual Harassment can be a difficult one and complex. Be sure you know it and have a policy for it.

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