Seven Qualities of a Leader

The qualities of a leader that stand out to me the most are:

Great Visionary

Good Communicator

Good Decision Maker

Calm under Pressure

Honest/Good Character





These are just a few of the qualities I would hope any leader I fall under has.

Of all the above I believe the most important quality is having a vision! However, keep in mind that there is a big difference between not living in reality and having a vision of what things could be. In addition, the power of positive thinking should not be confused with vision. No, not at all! An individual that possess the above qualities of a leader along with having a vision is someone that can envision something from start to finish, along with a way to get there.

Another quality that I feel very strongly that every great leader should possess is the ability to stay calm under pressure. This is not to say that someone should not understand what the particular challenge is and therefore, they are not smart enough to be nervous or lose control. No this person understands that losing control never solves a problem but only makes it worse. A simple example is that if the building you are in is on fire you do not want someone screaming from the top of their lungs “FIRE, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” It is far better to have someone that remains calm and helps others exit the building safely and in an orderly fashion.

Other qualities of a leader that stand out a great deal to me is someone that has stamina. The type of stamina I am speaking of is not someone that can run a long way without stopping. No I speaking about someone that sees things through until the end. Many great things have occurred after a point most normal individuals would have given up. The old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going” rings so true. Here are just a few:

Writing the Constitution of the United States of America

Winning the Cold War

Cure for Polio

Putting a Man on the Moon

Creating the Assembly Line

The next on my list of one of the great qualities of a leader is fairness! One of the quickest ways to divide a team is to treat one better or worse than someone else. In most cases the leader may not even know they did it. Anyone with children know that they keep score one hundred percent of the time. Adults do too they are just sneaker about it! Don’t mistake this for the idea that I am saying in life everything has to be fair! What I am saying is treat everyone the same when they are acting the same. If one person is punished for being late then you should be punishing everyone that is late. If you have half a brain you know what’s fair and what’s not!

When I speak of wisdom as being one of the many good qualities of a leader I do not necessarily mean that a leader must be a rocket scientist. However, they do need to be able to think on their feet and have some common sense. The old saying “knowing when to come in out of the rain” is the point I am trying to make. A leader may not be able to solve every problem but they should be able to identify that there is a problem and know when it is fixed.

I suppose one of the other qualities I placed on the list could be debated as to what it exactly means. The one I am speaking of is being honest/good character. Just being honest does not mean you have good character. I may tell someone that the dress they are wearing looks very bad and it may even be true. However, that does not mean I have good character! It could mean that I am a jerk! No, someone with good character is someone that does their very best to do the right thing no matter what, even if no one ever knows that they did. Someone with good character does the right thing because it is the right thing and not to gain something from it!

I suppose the qualities of a leader I listed above could be completely changed whereby none of the ones I listed remained on the list. One of the reasons for that is that not every great leader possess the same exact qualities. In many cases a real debate could be made over who I think is a great leader versus who you think is a great leader! That’s what makes this debate so exciting. I suppose that is why there is so many different leadership classes on the market and all believe they are the best ever. If it were true our world would be filled with great leaders and it definitely is not the case!

Thank you and May GOD Bless You!

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