Project Management Training Pays Huge Dividends For Good Reasons


Project management training is an area of training that has become very specializes and for good reasons since many of the elements involved are continually evolving. Elements such as OSHA regulations and contract law are just two of many that a project manager must be up to date on. If they are not it could cost their company a lot of money.

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Specialized Project Management Training is so Important to Your Career

Let’s take a look at how many hats a project manager may wear in just a normal day especially if they have more than one project going on at one time, which most do. They must be able to read blue prints and understand all the intricate details of it from electrical to construction. They must understand and comply with contracts so that simple things like not directing work so that there remains a clear distinction between not being an employee of their company to being considered an independent contractor. Also when is it OK to shut down a project for safety reasons? How to figure out the costs involved in a project from start to finish. What happens if something needs to be changed during the project? Is it allowed for and who pays the difference?

These are just a few of the reasons to make sure your project team receives the best ongoing project management training. Pinching pennies here could cost you many dollars later!

Let’s get back to addressing the topic of OSHA. Anytime a construction project gets underway there are so many things to consider for the safety of the construction workers to the employees and visitors that may be in the direct vicinity of the construction site. Perhaps your healthcare organization is renovating patient rooms. With all the requirements placed on healthcare organizations today your project manager better be aware of what is required to protect everyone involved. Just one example of this would be infection control and making sure you have the proper type of dust barriers in place. You may even be required to do air sampling during the project.

The Project Management Institute has put out an excellent guidebook referred to as the Project Management Body of Knowledge. This is an excellent source (available from Amazon) to incorporate into your project management training agenda. Depending on the size of your organization you may want to consider having someone from your organization attend a Train the Trainer course and do your training in house. However, if you go this route make sure they become certified and attend regular training and recertification courses.

Like I mentioned above air quality during a major project becomes a huge issue and should be taken very serious. A key component of this is when you have an older facility and there is asbestos in the building materials. Do not attend any project management training that does not include this element of project management. The regulations are extremely important and can become a huge financial issue if not handled properly. Yes, it is very expensive to rid your facility of asbestos but it is far cheaper to do it properly than to be subjected to a law suit later.

I have given you several reasons to make sure your project manager receives regular training but let’s get to the most important reason of all and that is it makes financial sense. As I mentioned earlier this is a skill that is continually evolving and ensuring that your project manager has the latest and greatest information will only add to their value, which in turn makes/saves you money. Think of it as an investment!

Thank you and may God bless you!


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