What Do You Know about a Process Improvement Tool?

A process improvement tool can help to improve a company's business in many ways which leads to increased productivity and better bottom lines.

Some of the common tools are training, management review meetings, check sheets and others. Customers are the core aspect for any business venture, big or small. Therefore, finding out about customer satisfaction using customer surveys, a process improvement would help the business greatly. Aspects such as service, quality of products, delivery time and technology can be checked.

Customer surveys can be done easily online or through phone calls. Another related process improvement is auditing, internal or external. Auditing can bring out hidden issues out into the open for proper countermeasures. Hence, it is vital that qualified auditors carry out the relevant internal or external audits.

They need to know about the company's workings, policies and procedures!

Process audits, system audits and product audits are the main types of audits. A system audit covers the overall quality management system including the main procedures of a company. On the other hand, a product audit is specifically for a certain product, including all technical related matters. A trained auditor would know how to go about an audit and come up with relevant findings. So, training can be considered as a process improvement tool as well.

Each staff member of a company requires training in varying degrees at one point or another. They need to know about the company's workings, policies and procedures. For specialist jobs as if auditors, engineers and architects, training that are more specific might be required compared to other general jobs. Therefore, it is not surprising that training is a key process improvement tool.

Managers use pareto charts to study the processes!

It also happens to be one of the major requirements of ISO9001 Standard. It is normal for manufacturing companies to use tools like Attribute Control Charts, pareto charts, 8D Problem Solving Methods and Fishbone Diagrams for improving their manufacturing processes. A pareto chart is a valuable process improvement.

Managers use pareto charts to study the processes, find the root causes of problems, take the necessary actions, and present them during management meetings. Attribute control charts are used in manufacturing lines for monitoring the actual processes. They are generated after collecting the relevant data over a certain period. Hence, an attribute chart is also a good process improvement tool.

Depending on the nature of business, you can choose the relevant process improvement. Such a tool can be useful to cut down company expenditure and increase the overall performance of a company's business.

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