Process Improvement Team

A process improvement team can be used for improving a company or its process in a certain way which will always lead to more productivity.

Some of the tools like Attribute Control Charts, 5S and Fishbone Diagrams are used mainly in manufacturing plants all over the world. You may have come across attribute control charts, which are used to monitor certain processes in manufacturing lines. 5S is short for Seiketsu, Seiso, Seiton, Shitsuke and Seiri. It is an important process improvement team. They stand for Standardization, Cleanliness, Organization, Discipline and Sorting.

Other tools, which can be used commonly for any company, are auditing, check sheets, Customer Survey Feedback forms, training and so forth. Customers come first in any business venture. Without customers, there is no business. Hence, creating special survey forms according to the company's business goals as a process improvement to check on customer satisfaction is indeed important.

Auditing can give valuable insight into the actual workings of the company!

Based on customer's feedback, a company can improve in various areas like technology, quality of goods or services delivered, delivery time and so forth. It is also possible to check on customer satisfaction by carrying out online surveys or through phone calls. Another part of a team is auditing. Auditing can give valuable insight into the actual workings of the company.

So, it is important that trained or qualified auditors carry out the relevant audits. Audits can be classified as process, system and product audits. They can bring out hidden problems into the open and give some insight into solving the problems. Hence, auditing serve as a good process improvement for any company, big or small.

Using at process improvement team can help improve…

Company staff can act as internal auditors. However, they need to undergo the relevant training to qualify as internal auditors. Therefore, it is not surprising that training is also considered as a vital part of putting together a team. All the jobs require training in varying degrees.

Specialist jobs like auditors, engineers and so forth may require more training and skills compared to others. Nevertheless, training is a vital process improvement for any company. Since people are one of the major keys to the success of a company, this is very much understandable.

In short, there are many types of tools, which can be used, according to the nature of the company's business and goals. Using at least one process improvement tool can help improve the overall company business. These tools can also help cut down on company losses and increase the monetary gains of a company.

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