Probationary Period Policy: Make Sure Your Hired Right

Below is a usable Probationary Period Policy for your employee policy manual. Producing solid usable and understandable Employee Policies for your business is why we created an “Employee Handbook Small Business” section on our website.

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Probationary Period Policy

We also provided “Insert Your Business Name Here” to make it very easy to personalize this policy for your business. If you see something you want to change Leadership Skills for Life encourages you to do so. We want this to be the best tool on the web for small business users.  Good luck with your small business employee handbook.


The probationary period is defined as “the initial period immediately after employment during which an employee must demonstrate his capabilities and skills necessary to successfully execute the tasks as assigned by their Job Description. Insert Your Business Name Here” has a probation period of “Enter the Number of Days/Weeks/Months/Year Here tends. The probationary period is both for the new employee and the company to decide if the company/employee is a good fit.

All employees will undergo evaluation both during and at the end of the probationary period. If “Insert Your Business Name Here” determines that the employee’s performance or behavior is unsatisfactory for any reason during this period of time, the staff member may be relieved from their duties with a letter showcasing exactly why they have not been deemed suitable for the position they had been chosen for.

More ever at the end of probationary period, the new staff member’s supervising authority will determine if the new inductee’s performance warrants continued employment. If the probationary employee’s performance is not up to their supervisor’s expectations in terms of output, quality of work, behavior, or any other performance and or behavioral indicator, the new recruit will not be confirmed for further employment at the company after the expiry of the probationary period.

Moreover, it is incumbent on the supervisor to make an informed decision regarding the confirmation of an employee at the end of the probationary period. However if the supervisor feels that they require more time to evaluate a new employee further, they may extend the probationary period till they are either satisfied retain or to let go the new staff member, as the case may be.

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