Preparing for a Job Interview
Study Guide Part III

Again, you must think of preparing for a job interview as a formal presentation that you are preparing and delivering to your Boss. Unless you don't respect your Boss or your job, you better be prepared!

If you were selling anything wouldn't you have a better chance of making the sell if you helped the person buying it understand why it is important to have one. Whatever it is you're selling. That is one of the most basic principles of sales. If I'm the consumer, I'm thinking about what benefit this is going to be to me. Just as you are preparing for a job interview you must understand your strengths and be able to present them!

If you were selling a Chevy Pickup Truck to someone that needs a pickup truck, you'll need to show them that a Chevy Truck is better than a Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, etc. You may point out the gas mileage, or the comfortable ride, or the price, the service contract, the reputation, etc. What makes a Chevy better than any other pickup truck? Point it out! If you don't you roll the dice and they get to decide on their own what truck they believe may be the better value. When you are preparing for a job interview be ready to point out why you are the better candidate!

So what makes you different than any other person applying for the position? Really, what makes you different? If you are preparing for a job interview you better know the answer to this questions!

Everyone being interviewed must have submitted a resume that showed them to be qualified. They will all show up in their best clothes. They will all look and sound professional. But will they be able to demonstrate value? Separate yourself from the pack! Be prepared!

I know that you are getting tired of hearing it but always think in terms of the great value you will bring to their organization! How you will help their bottom line? That’s really what it is about if you are applying to a for profit company! In other articles on this website I go over how to prepare for a job interview as it relates to understanding the company you are applying to.

How you will increase sales, or decrease expenses, or both? This applies to everyone, whether you are in sales or not. It doesn't matter if you are applying at a “for profit” or “not for profit” company. It all boils down to the bottom line!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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