Positive Phrases for Attributes with the Letter E

I have provided some more positive phrases to help you in writing the perfect employee appreciation letter. These attributes that begin with the letter ”E”

Employee Appreciation Letter – Ethical Standards

You are committed to a high degree of honesty and integrity

Your dedication to hiring only those with a high degree of integrity is noteworthy

You are dedicated and committed to the highest ethical standards

You continue to set the standard for high ethical behavior

Your credibility in the workplace is outstanding

You continue to maintain a high ethical standard

Employee Appreciation Letter - Evaluating

Your ability to use technology to measure productivity is outstanding

You have excelled in developing excellent performance standards

You continue to maintain excellent training records that measure competency

Your ability to establish clear and effective criteria to measure performance is noteworthy

You continue to track your staff s performance so that it establishes benchmarks

Your feedback to your staff provides them with the tools they need to improve performance

You are always able to distinguish between potential ability and actual performance

One of the most common reasons an employee will stay loyal with a company is that they feel appreciated. Even money can only go so far. In fact money is around sixth on most lists.

Therefore, insuring that you don't only communicate your opinions of your employees in a timely manner it is also critical that you do that accurately and with some time invested.

When you start thinking about the fact that you do not have enough time to go through this process, consider how much time will it take to train a whole new staff!

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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