Positive Phrases for an Employee Appreciation Letter Attributes that start with D

I have provided below positive phrases to help you in writing the perfect employee appreciation letter. Attributes that begin with the letter ”D”

Positive Phrases - Decision Making

You are always mindful of gathering all the facts and data prior to making a final decision

Your ability to make decisions with confidence is inspiring to your staff

You continue make sound decisions even under pressure

You are very resourceful in arriving at your decisions

You make sound decisions even when they are difficult and unpopular

You continue to obtain the proper support for your decisions prior to making them

Prior to making decisions you always consider all other alternatives

You always weigh the cost of the project prior to making your final decision

You are able to foresee the effects of your decisions

Your ability to seek sound and positive solutions to difficult problems is outstanding

You continue to encourage your staff to make decisions and offer suggestions

Positive Phrases - Delegating

You carefully consider the assignment and delegate the work to the proper staff member

You are outstanding at empowering your staff through delegation

You are very effective at delegating

You take full advantage of your staff member's strengths through properly delegating tasks

You maximize our organizational strengths through delegation of duties

You continue to know what and when to delegate assignments to take full advantage of your staff

You are able to recognize your staff s talents and properly delegate assignments

Through your ability to delegate to the proper staff member it has allowed others to be recognized appropriately for their accomplishments

Through your ability to delegate you have created a solid work force where everyone can be trusted

Positive Phrases - Dependability

You are extremely reliable in meeting deadlines and schedules

You are consistently punctual

You continue to always be fully prepared no matter what the task or assignment is

You continue to seek out new resources to meet deadlines even when there are unreasonable deadlines set by our clients

You never fail to complete projects and reports on time in a professional manner

You never fail to volunteer during busy times to cover for those that are on vacation or sick leave

You are very trustworthy

You continue to exceed all expectations

You continue to meet deadlines even when there are numerous obstacles


You are exceptional at developing your staff members

You excel at developing your new staff members

You are always available for new ideas and training techniques

You continually recognize your staff weaknesses and take action to provide the training necessary

You continue to recognize your staff strengths and build upon them

You are very strong in recognizing talent and developing it appropriately

You are continually developing new training programs

Through your positive and proactive leadership style you have created successful subordinates

Your can do approach inspires your staff to exceed expectations

You continue to build on the positive by reinforcing it

You have created an environment within your department that rewards those that are proactive and continually excelling at their assignments

You are able to use creative new ways of educating your staff

You are very innovative in developing new teaching techniques

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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