Positive Phrases for an Employee Appreciation Letter

I have provided below positive phrases to help you in writing the perfect employee appreciation letter. Attributes that begin with the letter ”C”

Employee Appreciation Letter - Communications - Oral & Written

Communications - Oral & Written

You are able to communicate in a positive and articulate manner

You have outstanding presentation skills

You continue to speak with customers in a professional manner

You are a true professional when speaking with your staff

You always think before you speak

Your ability to communicate with difficult customers is outstanding

Your use of the language is excellent

Your use of the vocabulary is great

Your written skills are outstanding

Your written reports are always accurate and detailed

Your use of the proper grammar is excellent

You write with the reader in mind

You are able to use the minimum amount of words to communicate your point

Your reports never contain misspelled words or improper sentence structure

You are an excellent writer

You have excellent oral and written communication skills

Employee Appreciation Letter - Creativity

You continue to develop solid solutions

You continue to think outside the box

You not only think outside the box, you are able to redesign it

Your ability to find new and cost effective resources is excellent

You continue to develop outstanding programs

You are always the first one to offer new suggestions

You have an ability to offer fresh ideas that make sense

Employee Appreciation Letter - Customer Service

Your customer service skills are outstanding

You have an ability to handle difficult customers in a positive way

You are eager to please all customers

You are a key reason our customer service ratings are so high

You go above and beyond in satisfying the customer

You continue to offer excellent advice to customers with complex issues

It is obvious you care greatly about our clients

You take great pride in client satisfaction

You have a special ability to treat every client as if they were the only one

You have the ability to ask the right questions to get to the heart of the customers concern

You always make the customer feel special

You always are able to help a client relax before any sales presentation

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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