Second Chances from a PIP employee Performance Improvement Plan

A PIP employee performance improvement plan is designed to salvage those employees that are not performing up to standard. Therefore; if you employ any number of staff members, then you have probably dealt with the one or two employees that just don't seem to make the cut. These are the employees that, after careful interviewing, hiring, and training, still fall short of your expectations. Some business owners look at this as wasted money, going down the drain and costing the company. At the same time, they may want to give the worker a chance to raise the bar and catch up with the rest of the crew. This is where a pip employee performance improvement plan comes into play.

When you design a PIP, as they are called, you create an outline for your worker to follow. If they have the desire to do better as an employee, they will follow the pip employee performance improvement plan and improve as a worker. However, the alternative means they will lose their position. This is what you want to avoid, both as a company and as a worker. With the job on the line, many employees will choose to improve. The following steps will help you outline a pip employee performance improvement plan for your failing worker.

Start by quantifying the issues with the individual employee. Many business owners are guilty of giving short, confusing review to their workers. When an employee knows they are performing poorly, but unsure exactly how, it is your job as the employer to clarify the issue.

As an example: if you have a worker who is constantly arriving at work at 8 AM when work starts at 7:45 AM, you have a problem. Count the number of days that this has occurred since their employment began and record the individual dates. Now the employee knows they are performing poorly because they have missed “X” hours of work and cost the company “X” dollars. You can judge their improvement by checking their arrival time daily. Hopefully, with knowledge of the problem, they can arrive on time and solve the issue.

When designing an employee improvement plan with a worker, keep them informed every step of the way. You want complete transparency with the employee because they should be on the same page you are. Let them know, “this is what I want you to do different. “ Give your employee feedback as they try to improve and offer any assistance that is within your power. More training may help a particular worker and cost less than an entirely new hiring process. Involve them with your solution and let them know what your plan is for the future.

It is not too late to save that one job from opening up. Let's face it, no one likes to go through the hiring process. It can takes weeks or months and lots of money to schedule interviews, new training, and you might have just hired the particular individual not too long ago. It's always better to give the workers a second chance as you work with them to improve. In the end, everyone can keep their job and keep their money if you can develop a thorough employee improvement plan and they are willing to follow it.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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