Personnel Policies
The Foundation of a Well Run Organization!

Establishing Personnel Policies for your business is a must if you have any number of employees at all. You may feel like this is not a necessity since you get along so well with everyone. Or because you have such a small staff that it is not necessary. Well I’m here to tell you that it is just a matter of time before you will wish that you had some sort of Employment Policies in place. As I have always said, “When everyone’s happy things always go well; however, when someone gets hurt or upset then things go south quickly!. Ask anyone that has gotten a divorce and they will make it clear that this is true!

The fact is that establishing Personnel Policies is so easy today that it almost makes it a crime not to get something put together to make your organization rules crystal clear. Maybe it is something simple like an attendance policy. You hire people to do work for you don’t you. Even if you hired your best friends you still hired them because you need them to work, and not take time off whether for illness or pleasure. So why not create a policy that spells out what is allowable and what isn’t. An example that is common throughout the business world is having only so many unscheduled absent periods in a twelve month rolling calendar period.

An absent period would be if someone was out with the flu for five days that would be one absent period. On the other hand if they called in one day for an upset stomach and then five days later for a headache that would be two absent periods. Your Personnel Policies would spell your policy out so that there was no misunderstanding when you had to meet with an employee to explain that they were getting closer and closer to possibly being terminated. Now of course your written counseling or warning would not tell them they are in jeopardy of being terminated it would only explain the policy violation and that they needed to improve their attendance.

Another example of policies that can be often misunderstood is your vacation and sick leave policies. The question that always comes up if you pay any time off for either of the above is how it is earned. Let’s say that you tell them that they get a paid week off after one year of service. To complicate it they leave your company after eleven months. They come to you and tell you that you owe them for vacation days since they earned time off in those eleven months. Now you tell them that you don’t owe them anything because they didn’t complete their twelve month period of time required to earn the paid week off. These are the types of things that need to be a part of your Personnel Policies so that there is no question.

Again, putting together an Employee Handbook is so easy today with the Software available. Heck they practically write the Personnel Policies for you. All you will need to do is fill in the exact rules within a prewritten policy. Many of the available software programs start at less than fifty dollars and are produced by attorneys that are experts in the field. I strongly recommend that you get something put together before you have your first challenge by an employee.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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