Personnel Handbook

If you own a business and have employees then my recommendation is that you produce a Personnel Handbook. An Employee Handbook is going to make your life much better the first time there is any question about what policies your organization has in place. Not to speak of the state and federal requirements that are imposed on businesses of a certain size to inform your employees of things like your policy on Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and so on!

The cost of putting together a Personnel Handbook is so low that it leaves you with no excuses! In fact you can get Policy Manual Software for around thirty-five dollars. The types of Policy Manual Software you will want to look for is one that offers a wide variety of Employment Policies ranging from Attendance to Smoking! But most importantly make sure that it offers the state and federally required ones like I mentioned earlier!

As someone that has been in the business world for more than thirty-five years and in a leadership position I can tell you first hand that a Personnel Handbook will save your back side! If you have any number of employees sooner or later you will have someone violate something you feel shouldn’t be happening. Let’s make it simple and say that they have been tardy several times. Now the question becomes what is your idea of Tardy? Is it one second past their start time, or ten minutes? The next question is being Tardy just once a problem or fifty times? Get my point?

That is the purpose of a Personnel Handbook! It is to clarify your policies! It will become extremely important that you have made your policies know when you have to go to an unemployment hearing to justify why you terminated someone. Losing Unemployment Hearings will become expensive. I have been to countless Unemployment Hearings and not once have I been without the Administrative Law Judge asking for our policy on whatever the employee violated. The very next question they ask is how I made it known to the employee. That is when I provide a signed document that the employee signed upon hire acknowledging that they have received a copy of our Employee Policy Manual! At that time the Unemployment Hearing is pretty much over!

I have also been involved in EEOC inquiries and it is also a critical part of the investigation. My point is that when an employee is negatively impacted by their employer they want someone to blame. They strike out by filing claims with places like the EEOC Office, or filing Wrongful Termination Law Suits.

As I mentioned above the cost of producing a Personnel Handbook is so inexpensive it is a shame not to take advantage of it. Yes you can hire an attorney and spend thousands of dollars to produce one also. There is nothing wrong with that either and you will get an outstanding product also. The final result is the real question. Make sure you cover everything that is a possibility of being misunderstood. Another example would be during a time I had volunteered to be the Personnel Manager at my local Church. I thankfully had created a Personnel Handbook myself covering all the Church Personnel Policies from Holidays to Vacation and Attendance. This came into play when the Youth Director had a complaint about how much vacation he was suppose to earn. I had made it very clear in the Employee Handbook and that was the end of the discussion. Everyone was happy and life went on.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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