Personal Interview Questions

At some point during the Job Interview you will be asked some Personal Interview Questions! Provided they don't violate the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Laws, you should carefully consider answering them. An employer can get a lot of valuable information from understanding your personal life even though you may think it has nothing to do with the job. However, your personal life can have an impact on your job in many ways from attendance to stress.

These Interview Questions should be answered in a positive and honest way. If the truth is not so good, then still answer the question but give only the important information. Remember they are not permitted to ask a number of personal questions such as whether you are married, have children, are considering having children, medical information, etc. But many times simple Personal Interview Questions have a way of getting the candidate to give a lot of information that is not necessary.

Let's just take a couple of examples of some Personal Interview Questions that may be asked that could get the person to give much more information about them.

Here's a couple;

What type of hobbies do you have?


What type of books do you like to read?

These types of questions have a way of getting a candidate to open up the door and give out much more information that is necessary. So with questions like this you still need to answer them but give them only positive information.

Don't ever refer to anyone in your family in a negative way, especially your spouse. I would also not recommend informing anyone if you or a member of your immediate family has medical conditions that may require extensive care or family medical leave. Now I know that this can't be a reason for hiring you but an employer can come up with almost any type of reason for not hiring you. Of course I am not and would not ever endorse not telling the truth, but in any of the above it is not something you need to inform them of.

More types of Interview Questions might include something like is there any reason you would not be able to show up to work on time. They may be fishing to find out if you have transportation or not. If you do have transportation they may be trying to find out if it is reliable. Since they are not permitted to ask you if you have transportation they present the question like this to see what you may say. In this case simple just answer the question yes or no.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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