Personal Integrity - Denying Jesus

Personal integrity is one of those qualities that may take a life time to achieve but only seconds to destroy.

Every decision an individual makes in their life builds upon the next one to determine if someone has integrity or they don’t.

Many people ask what determines if someone has personal integrity or not and my short answer to that is that you know by simply asking the question, can you trust them with all issues? If you can’t they don’t, and if you can they probably do!

Individuals are faced every day with making small and large decisions. In most cases we don’t think too much about it. Decisions like flirting with a subordinate employee as a supervisor. Perhaps we fudge on a time sheet for someone we are personal friends with. Or maybe we don’t hire someone because of their race or age. A more common one is where we blame someone else for something we did wrong, or worse we take credit for something we didn’t do!

When it comes to personal integrity these types of decisions are no brainers but what about the more subtle ones where no one really knows what really happened. How about if we included something on an expense report that was of a personal nature? Maybe it is continually extending our lunch break by only a few minutes daily. We seem to justify these types of things by either saying that it really doesn’t matter or everyone does it!

Well the truth is that there are a lot of people that do fudge the truth but it doesn’t make it right. This is truly what separates those with integrity from those without it.

Leadership is often in a position to approve or disapprove the purchase of company products and sign contracts. This places them in a position where they may be offered things as what vendors might refer to as complimentary gifts. Those gifts might range from tickets to sporting events to actual gifts. It’s done in an unassuming way and may seem on the surface as innocent. However, in the end it is exactly what it appears a bribe. If they don’t give it to everyone then what else could it be. This is where personal integrity comes into play. Saying no changes the entire situation into one where the vendor must stand on the merits of their product or service. I personally am very turned off by a vendor that will try and do this.

Those in leadership roles also have employee’s that want to give them gifts and my suggestion would be to quickly develop a policy that prohibits gifts being exchanged or given in any amount. Of course there are always exceptions but for the most part it eliminates the temptation and sets the rules up front.

The one rule of thumb that I heard early in my career and still try and live by is if you would not like to see what you did printed on the front page of a newspaper it probably is not something that promotes your personal integrity.

Remember you are the only one responsible for your integrity and no one else.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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