Performance Plan - Have a Plan!

Implementing a performance plan for any employee starts with understanding where they are currently! This means that no matter what the employees current position is you must have some performance measures in place so that you have a baseline to know if they have improved.

The plan may include a baseline for sales. If the desired result of your performance improvement plan is to increase sales then we must first know what the sales are currently. That should be easy; however, let’s say that we not only want performance measures for sales but for training, for number of sales calls, number of contacts, etc. Then we need to again get a baseline of where they are today.

Once you have all your baseline numbers in place then we continue to track all the above categories on a scheduled basis. This may mean that our plan dictates that we track these numbers weekly. In addition to our weekly tracking of the numbers we also include a daily meeting between you and the employee. During this daily meeting you are keeping them focuses on the details of your performance improvement plan.

Performance Plan – Have a Plan!

Part of your plan with your employee must include what actions you desire them to take. With our example above we may be asking them to make a desired number of telephone calls daily. But let’s break it down even further for them after all you are working on a performance improvement plan with them for a reason. So I would suggest that you break those calls down into a certain number per hour or during a certain time frame during the day. That may mean that you want them to do their telephone sales calls from 9:00 am until 11:00 am. The number of calls you would like them to make is fifteen.

During your daily meeting go over yesterday’s sales calls and today’s plan based on what happened the day prior. This will require your sales skills while at the same time you become a mentor. Mentoring means that you are not going to do it for them you are going to help them through it offering methods for improvement. This is the key for any performance plan. Now of course the sales calls are not just a lesson in picking up the telephone and calling. As a mentor you will be working with them on their techniques while on the phone.

Performance Plan –Continually moving in a positive direction!

Again, the most important part of a performance plan is to be moving the employee’s performance in a positive direction! I can hear you saying right now, No Kidding! Ok I understand that you know that but the key is how to get them moving in that positive direction. With the simple example above the key is having a daily meeting with certain goals in mind. The above example could be replaced with just about anything. The only requirement is to break down the daily tasks into individual ones so that you can measure the results, then offer training/mentoring to improvement those results.

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