Performance Management Tools For Organizational Success!

Facts should always be the driving force behind performance management tools that are utilized by any organization. Never invoke feelings or guess at what might be the underlying issue(s) for the poor performance of your organization. It has been my experience during my almost forty years in the workforce that when I rely on anything other than the facts I am generally off the mark by a little or a lot.

For the sake of this article the example we will be using will be a hotel that has been continuing to have fewer and fewer guests. In the hospitality business this is referred to as the occupancy rate. In most cases a hotel has a break even occupancy rate based on the price of the room. For a hotel to have an occupancy rate in the eighty percent range is excellent. So for the purposes of this discussion let’s assume the occupancy rate for this hotel has dropped consistently from eighty percent to forty percent over the last year.

This is the ideal type of situation for using performance management tools. We just need to decide what elements of our service to track, if not everything. I am a strong believer that using performance management tools consistently even when things are going well is just smart business. As an example if I am driving across the country for the first time would I be smart to check the map consistently along the way or wait until I have absolutely no idea where I’m at. Keeping your eye on the map makes life a lot easier. This allows you to make small adjustments if you see yourself starting to drift away.

Using our example above I would begin tracking all things such as customer satisfaction scores (if you don’t have some means of getting customer feedback you better start!). As we examine customer satisfaction we would want to use a performance tool that digs into the customers experience from the moment they park and walk through the front lobby doors until they check out and leave your facility.

Some probing questions might be; cleanliness, accommodations, parking, customer service, access to internet, quality of the bed and pillows, quality of the bed linens and towels, price of rooms, access to restaurant, quality of restaurant if you have one, room service, do they feel safe, surrounding area and access to their events, pool, exercise room, carpeting, vending machines, ice machines, and the list could go on based on your facility.

As your performance improvement tool tracks this information it should be able to produce useable graphs, charts, and reports that can indicate a direction you should be heading. As an example let’s assume the information you have collected indicates that there are a few things that have slipped, such as, the cleanliness of the rooms, the quality of the bed linens and towels, no room service available, and you don’t have wireless internet access.

The good news is that these are all things you can do something about. Based on that data you can begin to develop a plan to improvement your hotel’s performance and then go out and try to recapture those lost guests through a marketing plan highlighting the new and improved you!

That is the entire purpose of performance management tools! Find the one that is tailored to your industry. If you are in an industry that doesn’t have an off the shelf tool then it may be cost effective to employ someone to develop one for you.

May God Bless You and Good Luck!

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