Is Performance Management Software Worth The Money?

Is it wise to implement performance management software? The short answer to this question is yes provided you use it properly. Just like many gym memberships we have the best intentions but actually following through becomes the issue.

Before we can implement any performance software we must first define what it is we are measuring. Every member of your staff should have clearly defined tasks that they perform on a regular basis otherwise I would question why you are employing them in the first place. Whether it is a Receptionist answering the telephone or a Certified Public Accountant tracking expenses they have measurable tasks to perform.

Well designed performance management software should be able to track all types of tasks in an effort to find any weaknesses that can be improved upon. Remember the goal of performance management is to make the entire organization stronger. It is not and should not be intended to weed out problem employees; however, it will naturally accomplish this. Why wouldn’t we want to target problem employees? Simple! If we begin with a predetermined outcome we will skew the results of our performance software.

Let’s break down a simple task like answering the telephone into measureable pieces just so that we can use it as an example only. Remember any task can be broken down like this and should be so that you can not only measure the task you can find a weakness in the procedure.

So within the performance management software you would load into it the Receptionist’s duties broken down into individual tasks.

Those tasks may look something like this:

Answer the telephone within three rings

Greet each caller with the proper greeting

Never argue with a caller

Transfer calls to the appropriate extension

Never leave a caller on hold for more than twenty seconds

Now this is just the telephone answering portion of the Receptionist’s position. This doesn’t include greeting guests, administrative duties, etc.

Again, this type process can be used for any position within your organization and should be. The performance management software is a great tool for sorting out what works and what doesn’t. This type of tool can be extremely valuable for those types of organization that have repetitive processes. Performance management software is able to sort out any weakness you have in that repetitive process which will allow you to solve the issue.

Of course the other advantage of the performance software is the ability to track individual performance that will assist greatly in annual performance reviews and identifying promotional opportunities for those employees exceeding expectations.

For the most part I am a strong believer in performance software!

Thank you and May God bless you!

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