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Performance Improvement

Consistently beats sales targets

Continually demonstrates a high level of ethics

Needs to quickly identify projects and tasks that waste time and resources

Finding the perfect appraisal phrases when you are identifying poor performance is important.

Here are a few appraisal phrases that may help; however, keep in mind some of these may be behavior and not performance related:

You continually have a difficult time with assigned tasks

You do not grasp new assignments quickly and always require additional training

You have a difficult time understanding the basic requirements of your position Is goal oriented

You continue to need assistance when performing the most basic tasks

You fail to follow simple instructions

You continue to miss routine deadlines

You continue to fail to get certified or licensed

You continue to fail to perform routine scheduled maintenance

Keeps supervisor appropriately informed of progress toward meeting deadlines

Your attention to detail is lacking

Fails to identify cost saving measures to meet new budgetary goals

Has the ability to create new and improved ways of increasing sales goals

Is always improving techniques that increase productivity

Continually motivates her staff in new and innovating ways

Has the ability to create fun yet extremely valuable training sessions

You have poor time management skills

Needs to improve in prioritizing assignments

Always concerned about attention to detail

Continually takes the time to instruct new employees on safety rules

Needs to improve on attention to detail and following safety guidelines

Needs to pay more attention to quality than quantity

Must pay more attention to accuracy in financial reporting

Needs to become more informed of company policies and procedures

Has an excellent way of communicating to customers

Communicates exceptionally well all levels of management

You are very poor at organizing your work

You do not deal with customers well on the telephone

Demonstrates ability to manage resources and staff very well in meeting deadlines within budgetary guidelines

You have poor customer service skills

Your ability to understand company policy is poor

You need to improve your use of the language

You need to improve your verbal and written communication skills

You need to be more punctual

Effectively prioritizes tasks to meet organizational goals

You need to improve your personal appearance when meeting with clients

You continually leave work early

Needs to improve the use of available time and resources

You fail to notify your supervisor when problems arise

You make poor use of your time

Works very well with multiply supervisors

You need to improve your computer skills

Achieves all assignments on time with excellent results

You continually fail to take advantage of company sponsored training events

You continually fail to volunteer when asked to perform special duties

Continues to fail at budgeting the appropriate costs

Produces unrealistic and inefficient budgets

You have trouble working with co-workers

You need to improve in your ability to write reports

You need improvement on prioritizing your work

You need to improve on your ability to follow through on assignments

Keep in mind you can reword any of the above performance appraisal phrases to meet your needs. For instance on the final phrase you could state it this way also:

You fail to follow through on assignments

A great book by Peter Gray and John H. Carroll is "Performance Appraisal Phrases." It's the pocket Idiot's guide with over 1,600 results-focused phrases that will help you write the perfect appraisal.

This is offer through Amazon and you can pick it up right here on my website through the special relationship I have with them.

Thank You and May God Bless You!

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