Performance Appraisal Form

A performance appraisal form can certainly add structure to a process that means a significant amount to your workforce. Survey after survey will show that a well thought out performance appraisal is more important to an employee than their wages.

Therefore, using a very comprehensive appraisal form that covers all areas of the employees normal duties will add so much to the morale of your staff.

Of course the appraisal form is just the first step. Now that the structure has been established it is your turn to complete the appraisal form with meaningful information that is fact based.

When I use the term fact based I am referring to information that the employee can relate to. If you use statements like, “John is an excellent employee” is nice but in the end doesn’t really say much. On the other hand if you use a statement like, “John is the first one to volunteer when we are running short on staffing” will mean much more.

I have several excellent web pages on this site that can give you some great phrases to use.

Now on the other hand if your employee’s is not doing so well then the appraisal needs to reflect just that. Don’t give a bunch of positive fluff if the employee is not performing well. If you have to terminate them down the line as a result of poor performance and the appraisal, which is a documented record, states that they are fantastic it will be hard to explain to a judge when they sue you for wrongful discharge.

Our primary goal in using the performance appraisal is to report the facts about the employee’s performance and to give that employee with meaningful feedback so that they can continue or improve their performance. Yes, this great tool can assist you in improving performance.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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