Opening a Small Business

Opening a small business takes a great deal of planning prior to ever making your first sale! Everything from creating a well thought business plan to insuring that you have the funding necessary to get you through the first year. In addition to the bigger issues it is just as necessary to think through the details of cash flow. A very good way to accomplish this is to consider one of the best small business credit cards!

Many times people get so excited about the idea of their life long dream of opening a small business that they jump into it without doing the necessary up front work so that they don't become one of those many small business that close within the very first year.

Although there are no guarantees that you will not fail it significantly increases your chance of success by simply producing a well thought out business plan.

I not talking about a business plan that you create simply to get funding. No I'm talking about a business plan that asks the tough questions like who is your customer and where are they coming from? Questions like who is your competition and what makes your better or different than they are? How are you going to get your customer through the front door and then keep them coming back?

These are just a few of the very tough questions! If you can't answer these you better stop and rethink your whole plan. Of course if you like just throwing money away then keep moving forward. In fact if you really like throwing money away I would be happy to help you out by taking it off your hands for you! Simply send it to me!

Starting a new business is very exciting!

An Internet Cafe!

To avoid bankruptcy my strong recommendation is to produce an Internet Cafe Business Plan that accounts for most, if not all, the first year bumps that will get in your way!

Trust me you will have bumps along the way!

The real question is if you planned well they do not turn into Mt. Everest!

The idea of opening an Internet Cafe business is exciting but I hope that you have considered several of the major factors before you take your first step.


Who are your customers?

Where will your customers be coming from?

Why will your customers choose your Internet Cafe over someone else's?

If your Internet Cafe Business Plan does not include the answers to these questions you better start over with a new business plan! These are key critical questions that you must have the answers to.

So who are your customers?

One great source for finding out where your customer is would be the United States Census Bureau.

As an example, if you have decided that you are going to target the younger person maybe eighteen to twenty-five you would be able to find out where this individual is most often located through the US Census Bureau.

You could broaden or narrow your search for this type of person by plugging in zip codes, counties, cities, states, etc.

This type of information is so important for your Internet Cafe Business Plan. It will help you determine the best location.