Online Meetings Can Save You Thousands!

One or two online meetings could save you thousands while still achieving the same results. There is no question that some meetings just have to be held in person, but the majority of them can be accomplished via the internet or telecommunications. As move further into taking advantage of the technologies being developed we must begin thinking in that direction.

There are many advantages to having online meetings versus meeting in person, and more than just the obvious ones. Of course the obvious is the time and money saved even if you are all located in the same city. Just the travel time alone adds up to a substantial savings. Meeting rooms if your company doesn't have one can also add up. Generally, meetings often include refreshments or lunch, which is another savings. Don't discount the actual cost of conducting a meeting in person versus online.

Sometimes you just need to break out of tradition!

Sometimes you just need to break out of tradition and think in terms of online meetings whenever possible. Now this is less popular with clients, but in some cases they are in favor of them also. There time is important also and if they can accomplish something without traveling they may be extremely happy as well. If you have to forward contracts or samples prior to, it can work out just as well.

I have been attending meetings for many years now and I can't tell you how much time and money it saves. There is only so much that can be accomplished in a car or plane. The convenience of being able to either sit at my desk or take a trip down the hall to a teleconference room is very productive. I can work up to the very last minute prior to going online or walking down the hall.

All their files, secretaries, partners, etc., are right in the office and can be called upon easily!

Another advantage of everyone being in their original location is that they have all their resource immediately available. With the convenience of fax and email an item that someone forgot or needs to update during a meeting can be accomplished right then and there. All their files, secretaries, partners, etc., are right in the office and can be called upon easily. This alone is quite an advantage.

So before you ask your secretary to book a bunch of flights, rent a fleet of vehicles, make reservations at hotels and restaurants, just arrange for your staff to hold online meetings instead. Put that money into something else that will move your company forward. People hate change and sometimes enjoy the traveling, but this is life. If you can accomplish the same thing without being all together, why not do it?

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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