Online Leadership Training:
Are They Worth It?

Online Leadership Training

When you do a quick Google search of online leadership training you come up with approximately 5,110,000 choices! Good luck going through all of those! My guess is that you will select from the first or second page of choices and call it good, hoping for just the right one! I suppose if you are limited in time this may be the right way to attack your problem!

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Online Leadership Training: Do Your Homework First Before Jumping in with Both Feet!

Wouldn't it make more sense though to know what you need before you allow someone else to tell you! After all the chances are the one trying to tell you what you need is selling something. If you go to a Ford Dealer they are not going to try and sell you a Toyota, are they? Unless they are completely insane, they are going to try and sell you a FORD. Same thing with online leadership training courses! Now they may have something you need but chances are they will not.

My recommendation is to find out first what you are lacking in your business. Don't guess! Yes, this is going to take some time up front and pay huge dividends in the end. It will require you to look at hard data and then make decisions based on that data. Most experts will tell you that you need at least three data points to make a decision. Once a decision is made it will bring you closer to knowing what online leadership training your organization needs. Eliminate the guess work!

Those data points may be sales figures, customer service response cards, number of sales calls, employee attendance, employee turnover, productivity, employee satisfaction, etc. You should know what the key factors are in your business that will tell the story of what is working versus what is not.

As an example, if you are tracking sales information you may look at how many sales calls it takes to make a sale. You may want to track days of the week or weeks of the month do better or worse. You may even dig deeper and look at times of the day. All these data points may lead you to find out something about your sales approach. This may all lead you back to understanding what online leadership training your leaders need to implement a change.

If you are having problems with turnover you may want to track the qualifications of the applicants that are staying versus those that are leaving. That is only one data point so it would be wise to include at least two more. You may also include how much initial training that those individuals received along with what areas of the organization they are working in. It could be anything that you' feel could lead you to an answer. Generally speaking data will tell you a story if you approach it correctly. Once you understand you will be able to decide on what online leadership training you need to bring into your organization.

Once you begin to implement the online leadership training don't take it for granted that it is working. Continue to collect data so that you can confirm that you are headed in the right direction. If you are, great! However, if you are not, then take a look at the data again and see what it is telling you. Maybe you missed a key element of the story.

Thank you and may God bless you!


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