Online Leadership Training Courses!

Are online leadership training courses worth taking? I have mixed feelings about how to answer this question since our society is moving rapidly toward doing everything online while I still find an incredible amount of value in being in a classroom environment.

Let’s weigh the differences and see if we can determine if there are any advantages one way or the other.

A classroom environment is going to allow for immediate feedback provided the facilitator is skilled enough to create the type of discussion that will enhance the learning experience. However, I have been to plenty of leadership training classrooms that had me wondering why I was wasting my time. So everything in this article is based on the idea that the leadership training is presented in a way that it was intended to be presented.

On the other hand online leadership training courses allow a person to receive the training on their schedule and not the instructors. Many parts of the Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits Leadership Course include video clips which I found to be exceptionally well done and a great benefit. Although I took the classroom version of the course I believe I could have learned as much through an online leadership course while doing it from the comfort of my desk or at home on my schedule, and not someone else’s.

When a leadership course requires attendees to practice what they have learned the classroom environment can’t be substituted. Training such as how to issue a written warning or presentation skills where during the session individuals will practice one on one or in front of the group. In addition, many leadership courses will have the classroom divide up into smaller groups to discuss a topic. This allows for the smaller groups to be more open and exchange many more ideas where they wouldn’t be if it remained in a large group.

Online leadership training courses allow for an individual to learn at their own pace and not at the pace of the slowest learner in a classroom environment. Some read much faster than others and learn at a faster pace which lends itself very well to an online training course. I have also been to leadership training courses where someone asked questions every opportunity they had slowing down the learning process. Other major advantages of online training is no travel which cost money and time. As closely as everyone is watching their budgets today it makes enormous sense to look at ways to cut expenses; therefore, rather than cut training out altogether offering online leadership training courses is a great alternative.

We must invest in ourselves and our staff and training offers ways to look at situations differently so that we can increase productivity, increase morale, reduce turnover, remain compliant with the laws, and more than anything else increase loyalty.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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