Online Employee Handbook

If you're looking for an online employee handbook then you need to make sure that it has the following items in it.

It is critical that your handbook includes all policies that pertain to your staff from sexual harassment to vacation and sick leave.

Having these policies within your employee handbook may protect you later if there is ever a question as to whether someone has been informed of something or not.

For instance if you have an employee come forward that is claiming they were denied their right to Family Medical Leave you can refer immediately to your handbook on the proper procedure they should have followed in order to request it.

So when you're looking for an online employee handbook, research all of them completely to make sure they meet all state and federal guidelines.

You can usually pick up an employee handbook for about thirty dollars or more, but not all software downloads are equal.

Also look for any additional resources that are included in the software such as various types of forms from disciplinary to performance reviews. Again, make sure they comply with your state's regulatory requirements.

Look to make sure they include policies on all federal regulations and any of the newer state regulations such as California's newest AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Training Requirements.

Ask if free automatic updates are included or how much are upgrades for the software, since laws change often.

Just some extra policies to consider:


Computer Use


Use of Company Vehicles

Use of Company Property

Returning to the work place when not scheduled

Drinking or Drug use while on Duty or being Under the Influence of either

Hopefully this will get you to start thinking a bit but I would also check out some of the links to your right and top for more help.

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