Explore the Advantages of an Online Degree!

Twenty years ago an online degree would not have been respected; however, today it holds a lot of weight. Online training of any kind, presented in the right format, lends itself well to a society that accomplishes almost every task online now.

Not even ten years ago if you told someone that you met your date online they would have frowned upon you like you were some kind of freak. Today, it is more respected than traditional ways since both parties are screened for likes and dislikes; therefore, making the chances of a successful match more likely.

An online degree is no different. Although we haven’t gotten to a point where our surgeons are receiving their education from a computer screen we have arrived at a point where many other specialized degrees are obtained online. There is a good reason for this and that is that computer software is very interactive and allows for realistic ways to learn. From Skype to online meetings a person can accomplish the same things as being present in the classroom could before.

Just think of the savings of time and money that a person obtaining a business management degree, human resources management degree, or even a criminal justice degree online from the comfort of your home. No longer would you need to be concerned with an automobile, gas, insurance, parking, inclement weather, or any of the other expenses and hassles involved in traveling to and from the college campus. On the other hand you would even save more money if you didn’t have to stay on campus in a college dormitory and eat cafeteria food, which by the way isn’t that bad. In fact it is pretty good, just expensive.

So is an online degree really respected as much as attending class on campus? I’m not sure if we have completely arrived at this point yet but certainly we are getting there very rapidly. Although with the introduction of new technology everyday I’m sure that we will ever be able to completely do away with the classroom experience. However, If you can imagine it someone is finding a way to make it happen.

The one thing that you receive in an on campus experience that you will not receive with an online degree is relationships with your fellow classmates. Or maybe it’s meeting your future spouse on campus while studying under a shade tree or in the library. It could be participating in a school function or playing on a sports team. There are many benefits to attending a college campus beyond the actual degree itself that just can’t be obtained from being in front of a computer screen at your home.

In a perfect world a person should consider doing both, classroom and online, when it is practical. I realize finances are a big part of the decision, as well as, time, but, there is no better teacher than experiencing something first hand. In fact, I recently told my son that the best lessons in life generally cost you something and some of the best lessons I have learned and retained the longest cost me the most! Perhaps attend two or three years online and one year on campus.

At the end of the day, whether it is an online degree or not, it will benefit you in life to get a higher education. The competition is getting more aggressive every day and any advantage you can obtain to get your foot into the door you are wanting in life will be a feather in your hat. What you do once you get through the door is up to you! Therefore, take whatever education you receive very seriously and don’t waste it.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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