Catering to Busy Online Customers: Quick, Convenient and Personalized

Busy people can become your best online customers because it’s fast and easy. According to a 2018 survey published by CivicScience, 43 percent of respondents said they make purchases online due to its convenience. If you’re an e-business owner, take that information to heart, because streamlining the shopping process makes life easier for busy shoppers and builds loyalty. Here are a few ideas that will motivate customers to keep doing business with you:

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Online Customers Like A Customer-Centric Experience

It’s always nice to visit a retail website that remembers what you like. According to Invesp, nearly 60 percent of online shoppers believe it’s easier to find interesting products on personalized websites. Personalizing your site gives visitors a truly user-centric shopping experience (a formula Amazon has used to great effect). Your customers’ preferences and tendencies represent valuable marketing information that can help you expedite the buying process. Customers should be greeted with suggestions based on previous transactions, as well as discounts and new product offerings, every time they visit your site. 

Actionable content

Content marketing is the tactic of choice for web-based companies today. Done properly, content marketing promotes your business with substantive, actionable information rooted in customer demographics and purchasing patterns. Spend some time researching your target audience, and fashion an on-point marketing message rooted in data that you collect every day. Content should be engaging and motivating, and it should tell the reader something unique about your business that the reader may know. And make sure your site always features dynamic product descriptions, along with high-quality product photographs.

A well-conceived website

An outstanding website is the centerpiece of any successful e-business. It’s your storefront and the apparatus by which you transact business, so it’s essential to maintain an appealing, responsive and intuitive site if you’re going to please busy customers. That’s why choosing a website hosting company that integrates well with your business model is one of the most important business decisions you can make. SiteGround is one option and is known for providing dependable service to small companies looking for a dynamic and versatile website. According to, SiteGround offers various solutions for hosting such as cloud and Wordpress, as well as shared, VPS and dedicated servers. The company also provides affordable packages to choose from based on your needs and budget.

Streamlined checkout functionality

Conversion research studies have shown that sites requiring fewer click-throughs during checkout have higher conversion rates. Make sure your site’s checkout/shopping cart functionality is user friendly and isn’t causing shoppers to abandon you in mid-transaction, a major problem for many online businesses. Delete any distractions or confusing functions on your site that could frustrate shoppers at checkout time. Test this important function on a regular basis to minimize lost transactions—think of it as an important quality-control measure.

Simplicity, convenience and personalization are crucial for any e-business looking to please and retain busy customers. Always bear in mind that people shop online because it’s simple and convenient, so make sure you’re providing those practical advantages. A well-conceived and reliable website, a quality web hosting service, and a commitment to providing a shopper-centric experience will help set your business apart from the competition.