Ohio Employment Law:
What You Need To Know

Ohio Employment Law

Ohio employment law makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against anyone based on color, sex, religion, race, sex, national origin, age, disability, or ancestry. This includes the following employment actions; hiring, termination, tenure, employment conditions, privileges of employment, or any other matter directly or indirectly related to employment.

The age that is used in age discrimination for Ohio employment law is the age of forty or over. As stated earlier it is unlawful to discriminate in the hiring, discharge, or other terms or conditions of employment because of someone’s age. This includes posting advertisements that state a preference for certain ages. It is also unlawful to force an employee into an early retirement or to retaliate against someone that files a complaint for age discrimination.

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Ohio Employment Law:  They must also meet the minimum qualifications for the position…

The Ohio employment law offers protection for those that are disabled also. To be afforded this protection your disability, mental or physical disability, must substantially limit one or more major activities of life. Understand that not every physical or mental impairment is categorized as a disability under the employment law. You can get more information for contact The Ohio Civil Rights Commission. Typically, they should have a regional office somewhere in your area. Understand that just because they have a physical or mental disability you are not compelled to hire them. They must also meet the minimum qualifications for the position, and they are able to perform the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodations. 

Please understand that this website is prohibited against offering any type of legal advice therefore, we strongly recommend that you seek out a legal professional prior to moving forward with any legal matter. This can be obtained in some cases via the internet and professionals that offer such things as employee handbook.

This only applies to all labor organizations, employers who have four or more employees…

Ohio employment law, and specifically the Fair Employment Practices Act, offer’s protection for the employment status of a woman who is pregnant in the workplace.  This only applies to all labor organizations, employers who have four or more employees, all employment agencies, and state and local government agencies. Upon the return of a woman who went out on a pregnancy leave she must be reinstated in the same manner as anyone else returning from a disability leave. According to Ohio employment law there is no specific time allotted for pregnancy leave in that it only states a sufficient amount of time.

According to Ohio employment law sexual harassment is any unwanted attention of a sexual nature from another employee or non-employee in the workplace that interferes with the job, or creates discomfort. This could mean anything from insulting the person, suggestive comments and or any type of demands placed on someone. Leering can also be considered sexual harassment. Other forms that can be considered sexual harassment could be touching, pinching or patting. Sexual harassment is considered to be very serious in Ohio employment law.  Quid Pro Quo is a description used to describe sexual harassment when rejection or submission to sexual demands becomes the basis for employment decisions directly affecting an employee.

Don’t forget that sexual harassment can be committed by a woman against a man also…

Hostile Work Environment according to Ohio employment law is the description used to describe a work atmosphere that is created when someone continues to sexually harass someone and produces an intimidating and offensive work environment, which does negatively impact an employee’s work performance. Almost anyone can be a victim of harassment in the workplace from supervisors, fellow employees, customers or clients. Don’t forget that sexual harassment can be committed by a woman against a man also, or by members of the same sex against each other. But the over whelming statistics find that the majority of offenses are men against women.

It is very wise to have an employee handbook so that you can make sure that your employees know what your work rules and policies are. This will show any legal proceeding or agency that you have policies that meet the Ohio employment law. Never ever forget that you must treat all employees fairly and equally, while complying with all federal and state employment laws. Again, please remember that the Employee Handbook Templates website strongly recommends that you consult with a legal professional prior to implementing any work rule or policy.

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