Office Policy Manual
Do You Need One!

To run a business today without an office policy manual is just business suicide!

There are just so many things that can go wrong that can cost you everything!

Wrongful Termination

Unemployment Claims

Discrimination Charges

Sexual Harassment Claims

The list could go on and on.

The bottom line is that if you have employees and you have not incorporated an office manual, sometimes known as an employee handbook, you are rolling the dice.

So how can a policy manual protect you from the above problems?

will go a long way in protecting yourself...

By spelling out your company's position on certain employment matters such as conduct in the workplace.

In other words if you have policies against Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and other misconduct and you enforce them you will go a long way in protecting yourself and your company.

I can hear you saying now that you have no idea how to write an office policy manual or even how to get started .

Or that you are a small company and it cost way too much money to have an attorney produce an office policy manual for you.

I agree it would cost a significant amount of money to produce an office policy manual by an attorney specifically for your company.

There are some products on the market today anywhere from $30 and up that would be a good place to start however! I have provided just a few examples of them below.

The very first thing someone is going to ask you at an unemployment hearing ...

The purpose of the manual is so that you have something that spells out what your position on certain things are as it relates to benefits, conduct and behavior, unlawful conduct, EEOC policies, pay related information such as overtime, vacation, and sick pay.

Let's say that you terminated someone for some type of poor conduct or behavior. The very first thing someone is going to ask you at an unemployment hearing, or worse, a wrongful discharge trial is what does your written policy on progressive discipline state.

When your answer is that you don't have a written policy on progressive discipline, you can start playing taps for your business!

One of the most important items in a policy manual is your progressive discipline policy. This policy states the normal progression from first warning to termination for your company. It will also state types of conduct, such as fighting or stealing that would merit immediate termination. If you can show that you provided a copy of your office policy manual to the employee you have taken a significant step in protecting yourself.

Your policy would also state that unlawful behavior such as sexual harassment or discrimination will not be tolerated. It will notify your employees what your position is and how they can report it if they experience or witness it.

It will spell out your position on how overtime is determined, which should reflect the state and federal law. Or if your company pays vacation and/or sick time, how that is earned and how it can be used.

Most products such as the ones I have identified below will walk you through the process and suggested topics.

I even had a policy developed for my Church to protect them from possible legal problems. No one is immune!

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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