Having a New Employee Form That Will Capture the Right Information

The whole purpose of a new employee form is to capture the right information from the point an employee is hired, right? Of course it is, so why not put some real thought into what type of information you need without violating the law in the process. Keep in mind that we are speaking of going way beyond the information captured on the employment application or the employees resume. But again we do not want to go too far and violate the law.

What would be something that could violate the law? Asking someone what their sexual preference was or what religion they were would be a definite violation of the law unless you were able to somehow show it was important to their job. As an example, if you were hiring someone to be a pastor at a church then knowing what type of religious beliefs they had would be important to the job. On the other hand if the job was to make widgets then there would be no need to know this information and would be considered potentially illegal.

So what would be the type of information we would want to capture on a new employee form. Without question, we would want the obvious information, but what other types of information would be important to know as it relates only to their employment. The number one piece of information would be who to contact in the event of an emergency and in some cases even a secondary contact. In today’s workplace anything can happen from violence to a medical emergency. The last thing we want to be doing when something happens is scrambling to find a telephone number. With the advanced electronic devices like the smart phone why not have every employee’s completed new hire form loaded right into your phone?

Another important thing to also include on your new employee form is a checklist of the items that must be accomplished during the first few days and weeks of employment. From making sure that you have them complete the regulatory required forms, such as an I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification Form) to insuring that you cover your workplace rules is critical. Here is a quick list of possible things that you would include:

W-4 Form I-9 Form and Copies of Necessary Documents Direct Deposit Form Confidentiality Agreement Forms No Compete Agreement Forms Safety Orientation Workplace Rules or Employee Handbook Orientation Receiving Computer Passwords Enrolling in Employee Benefit Plans Workplace Tours Security Access or Keys Specific Job Duties & Associated Competency Checklist (Operating Specific Equipment) Copies of any Required Licenses they must hold for the job

As business owners and supervisors it is our responsibility to know our staff and the best place to start is from the very first day they begin work. With this in mind it is also a great way to build that necessary professional bond that we should be developing with them. Therefore, as you are personally reviewing the form with them ask questions that will help you to get to know them even better. Maybe you discover they like hunting, fishing, sewing, softball, jazz music, or anything else, it is a good time to ask those questions about it. Not because it is important to their job, but because it is important to show an interest in them. This also gives you an opportunity to create conversation anytime in the future.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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