Negotiation Training

I received my first good reason for the need of negotiation training when I helped negotiate a Union contract in California!

The experience was great and miserable at the same time.

The rules of negotiating can be funny at times but in the end there is a need for them.

I can still remember all the data collection and the format that was used to provide it to them.

We also went over how we were going to protest various parts of the contract when they presented their position. Each one of us played a different role, while the other was more compassionate to their point of view. However, in the end we were doing our best to stay in line with our original position.

Negotiation training is an absolute necessity. If the individual I was with had not had the training prior to us going into it we would not have survived the process. This is not something you learn on the fly.

Since that time I have learned a great deal and highly recommend training to anyone that may possibly be challenged with that process.

Now keep in mind it is not limited to just negotiating union contracts, but that was my experience with it.

The skills that are required to be successful during a negotiating session are critical. Everything from etiquette to procedure come into play. Not having these skills will set you up for not achieving your goals.

Just some things that could cost you thousands or more would be in the form of vacation and sick time, hourly wages, how wage increases will be implemented, holiday pay, uniforms, and so on.

Prior to going to the table you need to know your material thoroughly, but that should not stop you from taking side bars to discuss strategy. Sometimes that strategy may be to delay on something you were going to concede anyway leaving them wondering. Then you come back to the table giving the impression that you are giving up a lot to make this happen, and bargain for something from them to make it go over better with your upper management team.

All in all negotiation training is a must for anyone considering this type of task.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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