My Faith and Evidence Of The Truth

The purpose of this topic, “My Faith”, is to hopefully explain why I believe that God is very real and that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to live a perfect sinless life so that He could die in our place and rise again. And if anyone should have enough faith to accept this fact the Holy Spirit will enter into them and dwell with them and they will have everlasting life with Him.

For those that don’t believe and feel as though I must be living in some kind of fantasy world I hope to give you enough evidence through my life experiences to at least consider the possibility that what I am telling you is true.

Let’s start with the topic of the age of the earth for those science minded individuals. Surely science can prove that my fantasy statement above must be completely ridiculous right? Well let’s look at the facts and in this case the facts will conclude that it is impossible for the world to be older than approximately six thousand years.

First the moon is moving further and further away from the earth each year approximately one and one half inches to three inches a year. This is a known fact and not negotiable for those that would like to verify it. Now if it is moving away regardless of how much it either has been moving away since the beginning of time, or it began at some point in the past. Since it seems to be moving away at a normal pace it must be assumed that it has always moved at that pace.

For anyone that understands the moon and its effects on the tides and the earth itself one must consider if the earth is hundreds of millions, or even billions of years old, the moon must have been so close to the earth at some point that it would have been drawn into the earth from the gravitational pull. Remember the earth holds the moon in its orbit from the gravitational pull of the earth.

My faith tells me that based on this simple fact alone the earth must be a lot younger than even hundreds of thousands of years old. In fact if you do the math the proper age of the earth would be about six thousand years old. I suppose you could buy into the idea that it is much older but I believe that takes much more faith than what the facts show.

Part of showing good leadership skills is looking closely at all the evidence prior to making a decision or coming to a conclusion. We seem so quick to believe that if someone in authority tells us that the earth is hundreds of millions of years old based on a scientific test we just believe it. Most of us do not even understand how reliable carbon dating is or how it works. Trust me there are many flaws in the method. One of the major flaws in the carbon dating method is that it will only date something to a certain age no matter what the object is or its real age. The person running the test generally will ask how old do you think the object is and then begin the test. There are examples of bones of animals that had recently died and the testing dated them to be thousands upon thousands of years old. My faith has a hard time trusting something that has that many discrepancies in it.

I will be placing many other articles in the “My Faith” section for those that need more evidence that Jesus Christ is the true Son of God. Eternity is a long time to be wrong about your beliefs.

Thank you and May God bless you!

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