Hover Board Injuries - Do You Need a Modesto Personal Injury Attorney?

Reasons you may need a Modesto personal injury attorney!

The hover board is a popular toy item that teenagers seem particularly drawn to. However, they have become a frequent source of injury for those that use them.

The hover board is a mix between a scooter and a Segway. It is powered by a motor that has a lithium-ion battery in it. It is considered a self-balancing scooter but some states consider it has a non-motorized vehicle.

Modesto Personal Injury Attorney - Hover Board Injuries

Hover boards have been responsible for a growing number of emergency room visits by their users. Some of the common hover board injuries include:

Fire-Related Injuries

Some stores actually stopped selling hover boards after multiple reports of the lithium-ion batteries contained in them catching fire. The suspicion is that the fires were caused by the battery catching fire during charging. Fire-related injuries associated with hover boards include smoke inhalation when the spontaneous fires occur. Skin burns can also occur if the sparks make contact with flesh.

Head Injuries

Most injuries due to hover boards occur once the user falls from the device. The injured victim can scrape his or her legs, arms, hands, or other parts of the body. Serious injuries such as head injuries can occur if the victim lands on their head. In addition, users can collide and bump heads when two or more people are using hover boards or other mobile devices.


The users that collide, fall, or otherwise suffer hover board related injuries can suffer from bone fractures.

Other Injuries

Injuries can happen when the user places his or her finger or other body part in the wheel or any other component of the hover board. Those that are run over by hover boards can experience lacerations or bruises from contact with the device. Hospitals regularly report lacerations, contusions, back injuries, neck injuries, strains, sprains, and other kinds of injuries associated with the use of hover boards.

Risk Factors

Since teenagers and younger adults tend to gravitate toward hover boards, additional risk factors can apply. Some users fall intentionally or record their stumbles with the device in the hope of going ‘viral.’ Users that believe that they can avoid hover board related injuries because of their athletic ability soon find themselves wrong. The risk associated with the mobility aspect of the hover board is comparable to that of a Segway or Go Kart. A user thrown from the device can suffer from serious injury.

Contact a Modesto Personal Injury Attorney for Legal Assistance

Users that have sustained an injury or injuries due to hover board use may wish to contact a Modesto personal injury attorney with the experience in handling product liability cases. The attorney can explain the legal responsibilities of both the designers and manufacturers and how liability can arise if a user suffers an injury. In addition, the Modesto personal injury attorney can help to pursue compensation for the victim. The lawyer prepares for the case by performing an investigation, gathering information, and completing discovery requests to help establish the liability of the defendant. If your child has suffered a hover board related injury, contact a personal injury today.  leadership

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