Michigan Labor Law Attorney: What To Look For

Don't just settle for the very first Michigan labor law attorney you speak with! It could turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes you'll ever make if your rights have been violated at work!

labor law attorney

Hollywood movies are great, and while there are many stirring scenes of a rousing speech given by a worker or accused who defends himself in court instead of taking legal help, in the real world that doesn't lead to good results. There's no question that when fighting for your rights as a worker or challenging the legality of a new policy, you need to choose one of the many quality Michigan employment law attorneys available to fight for your rights whether in court or through legal mediation and arbitration. Attorneys who focus on state employment laws are a critical part of the process.

Michigan Labor Law Attorney: Just What Is a Right To Work Law?

In 2012 Michigan passed "Right to Work" which lays out a series of legal defenses that both workers and employers have. These laws directly affect union membership. Previously workers were required to be members of a union at any company that had organized membership. That meant forced membership and paying union fees was non-negotiable. That all changed with the 2012 law. If an individual worker wanted to opt out of being in the union, now they had that option.

In fact, that is a legal right you still have. This law was challenged, but the Michigan Supreme Court clearly ruled in favor of Right to Work. Workers cannot be forced into unions and they cannot be punished for refusing to join. If either of these things are happening you need to look at good Michigan employment law attorneys to take on the attorneys that a union or employer can afford.

While this gets the most attention in regards to Right to Work protections, it's also important to understand that there are other rights under this law. For one, workers cannot be forced out of a union by management. While joining a union is now completely voluntary, that goes both ways. Workers can't be pressured or forced out by management and if that happens, it's once again time to get an experienced attorney.

Michigan Labor Law Attorney: Are There Any Exceptions To Watch Out For?

Yes there are some exceptions!

One of the areas where consulting an experienced and knowledgeable work attorney comes in handy is with navigating the exceptions. There are certain federal jobs or particular areas of private practice where this type of employment law doesn't necessarily apply. These cases have to be reviewed on a case by case basis and to put it simply: you need an attorney to go through the case law and represent your side of the argument in these situations.

Michigan Labor Law Attorney: Non-Right To Work Cases

There are many other types of labor law issues that frequently come up in Michigan courts, and the important thing to remember is that whether you're an employer who is getting sued by a union or an individual unjustly fired by a boss, you not only are going up against them, but their legal team, as well. You need someone who understands Michigan's specific laws and case history to make sure you truly get to be heard and get your day in court.