Meeting Ice Breakers
Having a little fun with Math

Meeting Ice Breakers

Good leadership skills always include having a few meeting ice breakers up your sleeve to loosen things up a little. It is also a very effective leadership management training tool that can be used at any time to ease the tension of a situation.

I have used the below meeting ice breaker in almost every subject matter.

The only items you will need are a white board or flip chart - and a sense of humor.

Although you can use any example - I use myself.

Important Leadership Topics   

Leader or Follower    Integrity    Decision Making    Why is Integrity Important?    Integrity versus Honesty   

Meeting Ice Breakers That Will Loosen Up Your Audience - Step #1

I start out by telling people that when I applied for my position as Human Resources Director they were looking for someone with good leadership skills. They went on to tell me that effective leadership must include math skills. Therefore as the final part of the interview I was going to have to complete 9 math problems. The score of this math test was going to be weighted very heavily in their decision.

So they handed me the test.

1 X 9 =

2 X 9 =

3 X 9 =

4 X 9 =

5 X 9 =

6 X 9 =

7 X 9 =

8 X 9 =

9 = 9 =

Now I will admit that I was not great at math - but everyone knows what 1 X 9 is - so I marked my answer down.

1 X 9 = 9

2 X 9 =

3 X 9 =

4 X 9 =

5 X 9 =

6 X 9 =

7 X 9 =

8 X 9 =

9 X 9 =

Meeting Ice Breaker - Running into a little problem with math...

But after getting the first one so quickly - I was frustrated at not knowing any of the others. I went up and down the problems trying to figure them out - but was just unable. I must have struggled with them for fifteen minutes or more.

Now I know that in my good leadership skills tool box - they always told me to assess the situation. So I thought I better count up how many I missed. So I did by placing a number by each problem as I went down the list starting with 2 X 9 =.

1 X 9 = 9

2 X 9 = 1

3 X 9 = 2

4 X 9 = 3

5 X 9 = 4

6 X 9 = 5

7 X 9 = 6

8 X 9 = 7

9 X 9 = 8

I couldn't believe it - I had missed eight. There was no way I was going to get this job now. This just couldn't be possible. I had good leadership skills - how could this be that a simple math test was going to keep me from this great job that I have now. So I decided that I better count them again.

This time I counted from the bottom up placing a number next to the number I used in my first count.

9 X 9 = 81

8 X 9 = 72

7 X 9 = 63

6 X 9 = 54

5 X 9 = 45

4 X 9 = 36

3 X 9 = 27

2 X 9 = 18

1 X 9 = 9

Meeting Ice Breakers - I got the job...

I guess it was true I had missed eight. I knew my chances for this job were over at that point so I just handed in the test. To my surprise I was hired - and here I am today as living proof.

Have some fun with this meeting ice breaker - as I would initially go over the test I would pretend to struggle - giving those faces that people make when struggling.

Please visit other pages on my site as well for some good laughs as well as some great stories that will hopefully help you.

Thank you for reviewing these meeting ice breakers and May God Bless You!

Meeting Ice Breakers

Team Work

Meeting Ice breakers are great! This is a good one for a class or discussion on Team Work, and the art of communication.

Several years ago I worked in a very large city. Fortunately right across from the office building I worked in was a very nice city park where often times I would eat my lunch.

This park had paved walkways circling all through it for those wanting to exercise either by walking, running or riding their bikes. It was relaxing to sit on one of the benches they provided and just watch the people as I ate my lunch.

With one exception, most of the park had plenty of trees.

Meeting Ice Breakers - I noticed some City employees working...

As I ate my lunch one day I noticed in the distance a city truck along with two city employees pull up and get out of the truck. In the back of the truck were a number of supplies and what looked like new trees.

As I watched the first man go to work while the other got some things together.

The first guy began digging a hole with a hand shovel. It didn't take him very long, but as soon as he finished digging the hole the other man came right behind him and filled the hole back in and packed the dirt down.

The first guy went about twenty yards down and dug another hole and once again the second man came right behind him and filled the hole right back in.

Meeting Ice Breakers - I was very puzzled by what I was watching...

I was extremely puzzled by this so I decided to go over and see what was really going on.

Once I got over there I interrupted them and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

The were very nice when they responded, “We are planting trees.”

I thought maybe I didn't hear them correctly, so I couldn't help but say, “What do you mean you are planting trees? I don't understand.”

The man digging the hole who seemed to be the most senior then explained to me.

He told me that the three of them have been a team for many years and their job has been to go throughout the City and plant trees. Their supervisor assigned each of them very specific duties.

Meeting Ice Breakers - I only see two of you working...

Again, I was even more puzzled now so I asked, “You said the three of you and I only see two. And what specific jobs did he give you?”

He said my supervisor put me in charge of digging the holes for the new trees. He put John, who is sick today, in charge of placing the trees into the holes. Then finally, he put Joe in charge of coming up last and filling the loose dirt back into the hole and tamping it down.

Our supervisor also told us that because these jobs were all determined by the Union to be at different pay scales not to get involved in doing each others work. He didn't want to have any problems with the Union again. He made that very clear a couple of weeks ago.

I walked away in disbelief just shaking my head!

Thank you for reviewing these meeting ice breakers and May God Bless You!

Meeting Ice Breakers

Numbers are always fun to use as Meeting Ice Breakers!

There never seems to be an end to the way you can put them together to have an AHA moment!

Here is another example of that.

Have you ever looked at taking a series of numbers such as 1 through an endless amount and squaring them?

Such as; 1 squared =
2 squared =
3 squared =
4 squared =
5 squared =
6 squared =
7 squared =
8 squared =
9 squared =
10 squared =
11 squared =
12 squared =
13 squared =
14 squared =
15 squared =
16 squared =

Continued indefinitely

As part of your Meeting Ice Breakers now of course the easy way would be to use a calculator, but let's say you didn't have one.

Meeting Ice Breakers continued...

Most numbers in a series generally follow some type of pattern just as the above series of numbers do when you square them.

The pattern that these numbers follow is as follows;

1. 1 x 1 or 1 squared = 1

2. 2 x 2 or 2 squared =

Take the previous number (1) and add it to the current number (2), plus the answer to the previous problem (1) will equal the answer to the current problem (4).

1+2+1 = 4

3. 3 x 3 or 3 squared =

Take the previous number (2) and add it to the current number (3), plus the answer to the previous problem (4) will equal the answer to the current problem (9).

2+3+4 = 9

4. 4 x 4 or 4 squared =

Take the previous number (3) and add it to the current number (4), plus the answer to the previous problem (9) will equal the answer to the current problem (9).

3 + 4 + 9 = 16

5. 5 x 5 or 5 squared =

Take the previous number (4) and add it to the current number (5), plus the answer to the previous problem (16) will equal the answer to the current problem' (25). 4 + 5 + 16 = 25 This same pattern will work indefinitely.

1 squared = 1
2 squared = 1 + 2 + 1 = 4
3 squared = 2 + 3 + 4 = 9
4 squared = 3 + 4 + 9 = 16
5 squared = 4 + 5 + 16 = 25
6 squared = 5 + 6 + 25 = 36
7 squared = 6 + 7 + 36 = 49
8 squared = 7 + 8 + 49 = 64
9 squared = 8 + 9 + 64 = 81
10 squared = 9 + 10 + 81 = 100
11 squared = 10+ 11 + 100 = 121
12 squared = 11 + 12 + 121 = 144
13 squared = 12 +13 + 144 = 169
14 squared = 13 + 14 + 169 = 196
15 squared = 14 + 15 + 196 = 225
16 squared = 15+16+225 = 256

Continued on indefinitely

Thank you for reviewing these meeting ice breakers and May God Bless You!

Meeting Ice Breakers

A simple but effective ice breaker is to just look at history!

Meeting ice breakers that can create a WOW factor are always good for a meeting or leadership management training event.

You can look back 50 or 100 years and you will be amazed.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Looking back a 100 years ...

You can find information on the Internet very quickly that you can use for an ice breaker when it relates to historical facts, such as…

In this case I took the year 1905 in the United States.

The average life expectancy was only 47 years old.

There were only approximately 8,000 cars.

Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub.

Some 3 minute long distance telephone calls cost as much as $11 dollars, which was a lot of money then.

In most cities the maximum speed limit was only 10 miles per hour.

Only about 8 percent of homes had a telephone at all.

The average wage was a whopping 22 cents per hour.

More than 95 percent of all births took place in the home.

The population of Las Vegas was only approximately 30.

You can have a lot of fun with this.

Thank you for reviewing these meeting ice breakers and May God Bless You!

Plan Wisely!

Meeting ice breakers that can make us laugh while introducing the topic of the training event are definitely a plus.

This ice breaker I hope accomplishes that for any event you have that has a topic of planning.

This particular ice breaker does not require any additional materials or preparation other than being able to tell a story.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Best made plans ...

This story starts off with a man that has just received a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.

As you may guess the inmate is in great distress over the idea of having to spend the rest of his life behind bars without any chance of ever seeing freedom again.

He thought he would do anything to see freedom again. He decided that he needed to come up with a plan to escape undetected. He wasn't sure how, but he knew at some point he would.

One night the inmate heard the sound of three bells ringing. They rang very slowly.

The next day he asked one of the guards why the bell rang.

The guard explained that when anyone from the prison dies, the bell is sounded three times.

The inmate asked what happens to the person that died.

The guard explained that the undertaker that lives right outside the prison comes and gets the body. He then takes the body right outside to the graveyard and buries it.

The guard tells the inmate that the prisoners are the ones that make the wooden caskets.

Meeting Ice Breakers - The perfect plan ...

The inmate goes back to his cell and begins to think about the undertaker.

After several weeks of thinking he came up with the perfect plan.

He would get a job in the prison making the caskets for the undertaker. This would allow him a chance to get to know the undertaker.

If he could just find a way to get the undertaker to help him with his plan it would be great.

The plan would be to wait for the bells to ring. He would then slip down into the room where they keep the body in the wooden casket for the undertaker. He would then open the casket and get into it with the body. The undertaker would come and take the casket to the graveyard and put it into a very shallow grave.

The undertaker would temporarily bury the casket until the next morning. The next morning the undertaker would come back and remove the dirt, open the top of the casket and he would go free undetected. .

It was the perfect plan. He just needed to get the undertaker on board with it.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Work out the details of the plan ...

He worked hard but finally was able to get a job in the prison helping to make the wooden caskets for the undertaker.

He was then able to get to know the undertaker who was a very old and fragile individual.

He found out that his family needed money desperately for an operation for one of his grandchildren who he adored. Without the operation the grandchild would certainly die.

He told the undertaker that if he helped him with his plan he would have a large amount of money wired to him to pay for the entire operation.

The undertaker reluctantly agreed to help, only because he loved his grandchild so much.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Put the plan into action ...

Finally one day the bell rang three times slowly and loudly.

It was time to put his plan into action.

He quietly snuck down to the room that contained the casket with the body in it. The room was pitch black but he was able to find the casket and open the top. He crawled into the casket with the body and placed the top back on it.

Shortly after this he heard someone enter the room and nail the top down. They slowly rolled the casket out of the room and he could tell that it was being placed into a vehicle.

He was giddy with excitement that his plan was going to work. No one had detected he was in the casket.

The vehicle traveled a very short distance stopped and they unloaded the casket.

He could then tell it was being lowered into the grave. Shortly thereafter he could hear and feel the sound of dirt being shoveled onto the top of the casket.

Now all he had to do was wait until the next day and the undertaker would come and remove the dirt and open the top of the casket and he would be free again.

Again, he was bubbling with excitement. He would only have to spend the night with the body and he would be home free.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Waiting for the plan to work ...

The next day came and he waited. One hour turned into two. Two turned into three and so on until the entire day came and went.

Where was the undertaker? Why hadn't he came and let him out.

He pushed on the top of the casket to see if he could get out but it was nailed shut and the dirt was too heavy.

He waited another day and now he was very nervous. He could not move around very much since the casket had him and the dead body in it.

He then discovered a package of matches in his pocket. He took them out and struck up a match.

To his surprise he discovered the body on the dead man was the undertaker

All leadership management training events should have an ice breaker in them that helps to loosen the group up a little - I hope that this ice breaker will accomplish this for you.

Thank you for reviewing these meeting ice breakers and May God Bless You!

Meeting Ice Breakers

Following Instructions!

Meeting Ice Breakers can be a great way to get the meeting or class started with some great discussion.

The purpose of this ice breaker is to show how different people can interpret the same instructions given by the same person at the same time.

You will only need one piece of white paper for each person attending the meeting/classroom. The paper can be any size - generally 8 ½ by 11works best - but any size will do as long as it is the same.

Step #1

Pass one sheet of white paper out to each person and ask them not to do anything with it until instructed to do so.

After everyone has a piece of paper in front of them - ask them to pick up the paper and close their eyes. Instruct them that you will be watching for those that don't close their eyes.

Inform them that they are not permitted to speak or ask questions during this exercise.

Step #2

Ask everyone to pick up the paper and fold it in half and tear the right corner off.

Ask them to fold it in half again and tear the left corner off.

Ask them to fold it one more time in half and tear the bottom left corner off.

Step #3

Now prior to opening their eyes explain that if everyone listened to your instructions correctly all the papers should look exactly alike.

Now ask them to open their eyes and unfold their papers and hold them up for everyone to see.

Ask them to compare them to the person sitting next to them.

You will see that for the most part almost all the papers are a little different.

Some will have smaller tears in different areas, etc.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #4

Discuss why if the instructions were the same - and the paper started off the same - why did they end up so different.

You can take this discussion in so many ways but especially the idea that the instructions we give our employees sound good - but often times they are understood so differently.

Thank you for reviewing these meeting ice breakers and May God Bless You!

Meeting Ice Breakers

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover!

Meeting Ice Breakers can be a great way to get the meeting or class started with some great discussion.

One of my favorite ice breakers for leadership management training is this one on not judging a book by it's cover.

You will need some very common items like... of something - not tissues - that is packaged the same size as Kleenex.

...a box of Kleenex

...a box of something - not bandages - that are packaged just like Band Aid brand bandages.

...a box of Band Aid brand bandages

...a ½ gallon carton of something that won't spoil - or empty it and wash it out - that comes in a container just like milk

...a ½ gallon carton of milk - you may want to empty it and wash it out so it won't spoil

...a flip chart or white board to record answers

You can use more items if you want - and any type you choose - just get items that are known by their brand names and not actually what they are - such as tissue paper is often referred to as Kleenex.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #1

Wrap each item that is not the brand name item in plain wrapping paper so that the actual packaging of the item is still noticeable.

At the class have all the items on a table very close together but try to make it look random.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #2

At the beginning of the class do not make any reference to the unwrapped items on the table - but make sure they are very noticeable without you mentioning them.

Pick up one of the wrapped items and ask the class what do they think it is.

Record all the answers even if they don't make sense.

Do this for each item you had wrapped - but keep separate lists for each item.

After you are completely done - go back to the first item and ask them why they gave the answers that they did. Then unwrap the item. Do this for each one.

My guess if this is done correctly you should get the brand name items as a guess.

This should allow you to talk about judging a book by it's cover and how we should not put all employees into a neat little box - but in fact they are all different - and have different needs.

Let the discussion go where ever it takes you.

Good luck on your leadership management training class or group meeting.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

Getting To Know Each Other!

Meeting ice breakers that can help in the process of getting to know each other always go over well. Without doing the old stand up and tell me your name - where you from - etc. I just hate those.

Well here is an ice breaker that helps with that process.

This can only be done with meetings or training events that are held in advance.

Prior to the leadership management training event - you should have as part of the sign up process - a question that asks for personal bits of information about the participant. If the leadership management training event is one day long - ask for one piece of information. If it is two days - ask for two - and so on if there is three or more.

It also helps if you ask for specific information versus leaving it up to them.

As an example of some...

...what was the city and state/ and or country where you were born

...what is your favorite hobby

...what is your favorite book and or author

...what is your favorite sports team

...what was the name of the high school you graduated from

Meeting Ice Breakers - Preparation

Once you get all the information back from everyone - and prior to the class beginning - take and put each one on a separate piece of paper without identifying who the person is.

Make sure you keep track of what piece of information is whose or you will be lost. And embarrassed.

On the day of the event have all these pieces of information on the walls around the room.

You either can do the next step right away or wait a little bit into the day. I would wait if no one knows each other at all until they can become familiar with each other’s names.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Ask them who they think the information belongs to

When you are ready - take one of the cards at a time and ask who the information matches up to.

At some point ask the person to reveal themselves.

You can do this several times or go through all of them if it is a small group.

Each day of the event reveal another piece of information.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Slight variation...

If it is a larger group - you can have them get up and go around writing who they think the information belongs to on the card or piece of paper itself.

Then you can take the card after everyone is done and do the same thing but read all the different names that appeared on the card first.

All leadership management training events should have an ice breaker in them that helps to loosen the group up a little - and helps them to get to know each other a little.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

Negative versus Positive Reinforcement!

Meeting ice breakers are always fun - or at least they should be. This particular ice breaker is one of my favorites.

This ice breaker can be used in any leadership management training class.

The items you need are...

...Something very soft but firm enough to swing easily such as the center roll or wrapping paper

...One object such as a marker

...Four volunteers - this is always the hardest - so you may need to resort to selecting four people

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #1

After getting your four volunteers - send only two of them out of the room together and put them far enough away where they can not hear what is going on in the room at all. Especially the laughter a little bit later.

Once they out of the room - explain to the classroom what you are going to be doing.

Let them know you are conducting an experiment - to see which is the most effective way or teaching.

The first way - negative reinforcement

The second way - positive reinforcement

Take the marker that you have and place it somewhere in the room where everyone can see it. Do not make it too hard to get to - but should be hard enough so that it will take some maneuvering to get to it.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #2

Select one of your volunteers and let them know that they are going to be trying to guide one of the volunteers outside the room to the object. You will be timing them to see whether they can get their person to the object before the other two can.

Then you hand them the center roll of the wrapping paper and let them know that every time the person they are instructing does not do exactly what they say - they are to hit them softly and tell them they are doing very badly.

The “You are Doing Badly” can come in any form they wish - but must be negative to get them going in the right direction. Some other negative statements could be like - Come on anyone can do this - Are you listening to me at all - Why can't you do this - What's wrong with you - etc.

They can not touch them except for softly striking them with the center roll of the wrapping paper.

The other rule is that they can only use one word directions and the person receiving the directions is not permitted to know what they are looking for. These directions can be like forward - right - left - etc.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #3

Now you call one of the volunteers back into the room.

You explain to them that they are going to be receiving directions from a person. These directions are intended to lead them somewhere to find an object. That is all you tell them.

You then introduce them to the person that will be giving them directions.

You let them know they are being timed also - the object is to beat the other team.

Then say go - watch the confusion as the volunteer that is receiving directions gets hit the first time and receives negative reinforcement from the other.

Should be a great laugh for everyone as they make their way through the room.

Meeting Ice Breakers - Step #4

After you have completed the first experiment - it is now time for positive reinforcement.

Instruct the volunteer still in the room that will be doing the instructing - that they are to give one word at a time directions also - but - every time the person does what they are suppose to - give them a great deal of praise. Praise such as great job - you are doing perfectly - I can't believe how good you are at this - etc.

Then call the other volunteer that has been out of the room back in.

Explain the same thing you did to the first volunteer.

Then tell them to go - and start the timer.

Meeting Ice Breaker - Step #5

This ice breaker should be a good laugh for everyone - except for maybe the volunteer getting hit with the center roll of wrapping paper.

Talk about how each of the volunteers receiving instructions felt from either the negative or positive reinforcement.

Hopefully the positive reinforcement volunteer team did a little better - but even if they didn't the point is how they felt getting to the objective. If they had a choice would they continue a position where they were receiving negative reinforcement.

This ice breaker is a great one for leadership management training.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

Using Numbers to Impress!

Meeting ice breakers are meant to have some fun and loosening up the group. This particular ice breaker is having some fun multiplying numbers - specifically identical numbers that end in five.

Such as;

15 X 15 =

25 X 25 =

35 X 35 =

45 X 45 =

55 X 55 =

65 X 65 =

75 X 75 =

85 X 85 =

95 X 95 =

The trick with these numbers is that you can do them in your head without memorizing them.

All of these problems multiplied out will end with 25 as the final two numbers of the answer.

You just have to take one of them like 75 x 75 and remove the end 5's from them.

That leaves you with two number 7's.

Add one to one of the 7's which would be 8 - and leave the other 7 alone.

You then have the numbers 7 and 8.

Just multiply these two numbers together and put the 25 on the end.

So 7 times 8 equals 56 - placing the 25 on the end leaves you with 5625.

You have to be creative when using this ice breaker - waiting for just the right type of group.

I can see you breaking out your calculator now checking my answer. Well save yourself some time and just trust me - this works.

You should be able to do this in your head faster than someone can do it on their calculator. If your not that good at basic math - don't use this meeting ice breaker.

So as an example - challenge someone in the audience to be faster than you with a calculator.

Let's try one more - 45 x 45.

So 4 plus 1 equals 5 - then multiply 4 times 5 giving you 20 and add the 25 at the end and you have 2025.

Thank you and may God Bless you!

Questions That Make You Think!

The below meeting ice breakers are meant to certainly loosen up everyone, as well as get a few good laughs.

I would not mention that you are trying to test their listening skills, this may tip them off. You should be able to have a lot of fun with this.

Question 1

In the State of California they have had a number of propositions voted on in the past few years. The most recent one voted on was whether a woman was permitted to marry her widowed sister's husband. Was it passed or not?

Neither - it is not legal to marry a dead person - Yet!

Question 2

Recently the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees played five consecutive games. Everyone that knows anything about baseball knows that this is an intense rivalry. During this stretch of five games they both won three games and none of the games ended in a tie. How is this possible?

They both played two different teams - they were not playing against each other!

Question 3

You are in the middle of the woods and it is snowing and very cold. You spot an empty cabin. When you enter the cabin you notice a match, a wood fire place, a portable propane heater, and a central air heater all within the cabin. In order to warm up the cabin the quickest, which one would you light first?

Hopefully you would light the match!

Question 4

How many birth dates does an average male have in their lifetime?

Just one - but they celebrate it each year they are alive!

Question 5

A large tour group flew to Mexico and enjoyed one full week on the beautiful beaches. On the flight home the plane developed mechanical problems and had to crash land right on the border of Mexico and the United States. Both countries provided rescue workers and crews to clean up the debris. After a long Federal Investigation. they determined that the crash was due to human error, which prompted a quick debate as to where the survivors could be buried even though they were all United States citizens. Where do you think they should be buried?

Survivors should not be buried since they are still alive!

Question 6

A boy and his father were traveling down a highway close to their home and were involved in a terrible traffic accident. The father unfortunately was killed instantly, but the boy was rushed to the local hospital where they needed to perform emergency surgery to save his life. The Surgeon entered the operating room and screamed out that this is my Son! Who is the doctor?

The doctor is the boys Mother!

Question 7

You give your child a one dollar bill so that they can pick out a piece of candy in a local supermarket. Your child picks out a piece of candy that with tax and everything comes to .45 cents. Your child hands the cashier the one dollar bill. The cashier gives three coins back as change; however, one of the coins is not a nickel. What are the three coins your child got back as change?

Your child should have gotten back 2 quarters and 1 nickel! Only one of the coins was a nickel, the other two were quarters!

Question 8

I know that there must be some of you that are very good at math. We know that there are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and finally 24 hours in any day. If the month of April has 30 days in it, how many 2nd,s are there in the month? I will give you one minute to provide the correct answer.

Any month on a calendar only has one day that is declared the 2nd, so the answer is only one!

Question 9

You declare to the class that you have gotten very good at saying "All Fifty States" in less than one minute. You have been practicing this with your family. You think that you have gotten so good that you can probably do this in less than forty five seconds now and everyone will be able to clearly understand what you are saying. Ask the class by a show of hands how many do not think you can do it. If no one raises their hands, lower the time by five seconds until you get a significant amount of people to raise their hands. Then appoint someone as the time keeper and someone else as the person to record what you say so that everyone will agree that you accomplished it. They will start the time when you begin.

All you say is "All Fifty States" , then tell them you are finished! You just said "All Fifty States" in less than the time allowed!

Question 10

Everyone I am sure has heard the story of Noah and the Ark where he took a pair of animals from every type animal onto the Ark with him. I can't even get my kids to pick up the mess from one dog, let alone what this job must have been like. Anyway it was an amazing thing. I was recently doing an Internet search and found some interesting information. The question is, how many different types of animals did Moses take onto the Ark with him?

The answer is that Moses didn't take any animals onto the Ark. Noah did!

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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