Maryland Employment Law

Policy Manual

The objective of Maryland employment law is to create a safe and healthy environment to live and work. It is enforced by the state Division of Labor and Industry. The law goes into great detail to define safety requirements for people working in various sectors which are deemed to be especially risky such as boilers and elevators.

Maryland employment law also has put in place rules and regulations which protect employee rights and sets minimum wages. It defines hours of labor, obligations of employers, and conditions of work and wage rates.

Maryland employment law endeavors to protect both the interests of employers and employees setting obligations and responsibilities for both. It regulates engagement rules right from the point of the interview by clarifying the issues to which the interview must be confined and questions that must not be raised. But it permits employers to make their decisions to recruit on issues beyond merit and professional qualifications. A prospective employee can’t contest a prospective employer’s decision not to hire him or her on the grounds that he or she scored highest in the interview.

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Maryland Employment Law:
A religious post may require that the holder be a professed faithful of that religion…

Factors to do with age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, disability and race are not permitted to be used for hiring, promoting or dismissing employees according to Maryland employment law. There may be however strict exemptions especially if the nature of the job makes it impossible for someone with certain features or characteristics to perform the functions of the job. As an example, religious organizations may require that the candidate be a professed faithful of that religion. In addition, certain jobs may be unsuitable for people with certain disabilities depending on the nature of the job and the disability.

Questions to do with marital status and marital plans are outlawed as well as issues of having children or plans to have any. Where one was born, sexual orientation and whether one has ever been arrested should not determine an individual’s eligibility for any job. But record or records of criminal convictions is considered valid and relevant by Maryland employment law especially where integrity is critical. The employer does have the right to inquire whether one is eligible to be employed in the US before employing him or her. However, they are not required to prove it until a job offer has been made. If the candidate is not able to provide that proof after the job offer has been made the employer does not have to continue the employment relationship with the candidate.

Concerned parties need to know what happens in cases of breach.

Do reference checks is another issue which is sufficiently regulated by Maryland employment law. Providing false or malicious information is an offense for which one may be charged. Employers find it safe to limit the information the offer during a reference check to commencement dates, separation dates and information concerning wages. This information is meant to corroborate other information provided and test the integrity of the employee.

Employers should issue employee handbooks in which they should restate their position as an equal opportunity employer. It should also provide guidelines on various issues such as sexual harassment, other forms of harassment and safety provisions. Concerned parties need to know what happens in cases of breach. But the employee handbook is just a recommendation. The staff at Employee Handbook Templates strongly suggests that you seek advice from a legal professional since handbooks can suggest certain rights.

Maryland employment law suggest that employee handbooks reaffirm the position of the company on Family and Medical Leave Act. In short, the handbook should confirm that your business is striving to live according to the provisions of state regulations.

Again, Employee Handbook Templates understands when you are dealing with legal issues such as those within the Maryland employment law it is wise and strongly suggested that you allow a legal expert to confirm any policies or procedures you apply to your workplace. Many of the employee handbook templates on the market do a very good job of knowing state employment laws.

Thank you and may God bless you.


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