The Marine Corps Birthday

Of course November 10th is the Marine Corps Birthday! Speaking as a Marine that left the United States Marine Corps more than twenty plus years ago I still get goose bumps on November 10th every year! Why do I still get goose bumps? Because there is a certain pride and loyalty all Marines feel about either currently serving or having served in the United State Marine Corps.

Every year on the Marine Corps Birthday I can’t help but remember the times I served! The camaraderie is something that just can’t be explained unless you have been in the Marine Corps. One memory that comes flowing back every year is the time that I and another fellow Marine entered an area of a city in Okinawa where we were Bar Hopping! Yes, we were bar hopping and generally nothing good comes from that! Well it didn’t this time either!

We were surrounded by about twenty plus people that asked us what we were doing in this part of town! I had no idea where we were but my fellow Marine did. As we turned to walk away one of them hit me from behind in the side of my head. I immediately knew I was under attack from all twenty plus guys. I leaned forward and did my best to cover all critical parts of my body while all of them began attacking me. I pictured myself being stabbed and lying in the street bleeding to death. After being struck countless times I noticed a slight break in the beating. I had done everything possible not to go down and had succeeded. When the slight break occurred I popped up and my fellow Marine had come back to help me. He had risked everything to come back! We both threw some punches and when we had the chance we got out of there! That is loyalty!

Another memory comes to mind when I think of the Marine Corps Birthday! A time when I and another Marine faced a guy with a shot gun telling us that he was going to kill us both. Now I won’t deny that we probably deserved to have our ass kicked, but certainly not shot in cold blood! I won’t go into the whole ordeal but the individual came out with a loaded shot gun when we got stuck in their yard out in the middle of nowhere. Yes we were looking for trouble and we had found it!

As my fellow Marine was trying to push the car while I was driving the man shoved the shot gun into his back and screamed out that he was going to kill us both. I came up out of the car and began talking with him. I thought for a moment to run and leave my fellow Marine behind but I couldn’t. There is a certain loyalty that just can’t be explained. The man then came and shoved the shot gun in my face as I fell across the front seats. I just knew I was going to die but for some reason I was not afraid. My survival instincts took over. Long story short we made it out of the mess.

Every Marine Corps Birthday I relive many of the experiences that I had in the Marine Corps. I gave you just two of them, but many were very good as well. Many that brings back a desire to be back in the Marine Corps even though I am way over the hill. You have that camaraderie that is found nowhere else. So when November 10th comes around each year, please stop and think about those Marines that are putting their lives on the line for all of us. The Marine Corps Birthday is a time to celebrate!

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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