Management Concepts Training
by Brian Tracy

Incorporating management concepts training into your organization should be a huge priority so that you can promote moving forward in a very structured manner.

First priority should be to understand the four management concepts that make up a sound management plan, and those are;





Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? However, if it was that simple every organization would be running like a well oiled machine making money with extremely happy employees and a great product with loyal customers.

We know that isn’t the case and hence the need for management concepts training.

Let’s begin with planning and why it’s so important and how we should go about the process. Planning is the process of understanding what direction to go in, how much it will cost, and what the risks are prior to beginning. Just as if we were planning on driving from Los Angeles to New York City we plan the trip. In doing so we would make sure we;

Have a reliable car

Have enough money to purchase gas, food, lodging, and any emergency needs that might arise

Have a good map

Know how much time it should take us

Know exactly where our final destination is

This is just the basics but the point is that including how to plan into your management concepts training program is a critical piece of your organizations success.

Also as part of the planning process it is important to understand how to make decisions on what direction to take your department, or company. Therefore, identifying weaknesses in order to focus on what is necessary to change them. If sales are down, what process do you go through in order to understand why they are down? Are sales down due to more competition in the area, new technology/outdated product, inferior product, changes in the local population, local economy, or any other reason? Well thought out management concepts training programs will lead you through the process so you arrive at the most logical direction to take your company.

In other words planning starts with understand which direction to go in. After determining the direction it is equally important to understand what is most important and prioritize it down to the least important tasks to be accomplished. Every step should be taken from the perspective of asking your team what would happen if this step is not carried out effectively prior to the next step beginning. During that process you should be able to determine what is necessary and what needs to happen first. In most cases as you go through this process you will reorganize your plan and eliminate some steps while adding others.

This leads us into the next step in any management concepts training program and that is learning how to organize effectively.

More time is lost because a management team has not done an effective job of organizing the overall task at hand. A stupid but good example using my example above about driving across the country would be that you have placed packing a suit case after arriving at your first stop. Of course this would be too late. Your options at this point would be to either turn around and go back to pack your suit case, buy new items that you need, or do nothing and wear the same thing for the entire trip.

Investing in a good effective management concepts training program can and will pay for itself over and over again. All training should be put into the perspective of paying for itself otherwise it is just time wasted.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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