Los Angeles Labor Law Attorney:
Don't Guess!
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Don't guess when searching for a Los Angeles Labor Law Attorney!

Don't pick the first one you call!

Know how to tell which one will help you and which one will cause you more headaches!

Los Angeles Labor Law Attorney:
Hire Someone That Specializes in Employment Law

Are you in a situation where you feel like you have a case against your current or former employer? Were you wrongfully discharged, discriminated against, sexually harassed, denied overtime or anything else that may require legal help? If so, here are some pointers that will lead you to the best Los Angeles employment attorney.

You should never hire a Los Angeles labor law attorney that does not specialize in this particular area of law. More specifically, the type of labor law that has handled cases with your type of case. There are many nuances and case studies that will only be familiar to those who have experience in this arena. If you hire someone with little to no employment law experience, things will not turn out as positive as you would like them to.

Forgetting to consider the idea of an attorney that has a policy of no-win, no-fee is a huge error. Since this type of representation is free unless you win, having your case accepted means that the attorneys in question believe that you have a strong case. Even though you will not be required to pay until your case has prevailed, you should still make sure that you are clear about the amount you will be expected to pay.

Being dishonest with your attorney is a surefire to end up on the losing end of an employment lawsuit. There is no way for your Los Angeles labor law attorney to represent you in the best possible way if they have no idea of all the facts. For example, if you are suing for overtime pay and you are not honest about the number of hours you are owed payment for, your attorney will look unprepared when representing you, and there is a chance you will walk away with nothing. Never hire someone who urges you to stretch the truth in order to secure a better outcome.

Like mentioned earlier, never settle on the first attorney that you come across, even if they seem to be exactly what you are looking for. There are many attorneys in Los Angles and you do not want to end up with the wrong one. You should meet with 3-4 candidates at minimum before deciding which is most qualified to handle your case. Consider it more like a job interview for someone you are wanting to hire. In this case it is even more important since they hold your well being in their hands.

Do not move forward with an attorney without getting everything in writing. If you are told that this is not possible, you should abandon that candidate and look for someone else. Everything should be written down and clarified, including the fee schedule and what your attorney is planning to do to help you win your case.

Hiring an attorney that is averse to going to court is a huge problem. There are some legal professionals that will always try to settle since they will get paid without having to do as much work. These are the ones that are best avoided. While it may not be necessary for your case to ever reach a courtroom, your attorney should be prepared to move forward in the event that it does.

If you are having an employment issue and you need an attorney, you should avoid all of the mistakes here. This will increase the likelihood of things turning out in your favor.

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The Most Common Los Angeles Labor Law Attorney Cases

There are a lot of companies that break the laws when it comes to labor law. Some of them area ware of this fact, but others discover it when it's already too late, as they've been sued already by one of their employees or former employees. There are several types of employment law suits, as we are going to see from this article, below.

A Los Angeles labor law attorney handles may harassment cases and is one of the most common offenses people sue their employers for. It refers to offensive conduct in regard to the gender, race or nationality of an individual. This type of conduct can intimidate the employees and prevent them from feeling at ease while at work. This can interfere with the performance of the harassed person, so the company ends up by losing money if such abuses are tolerated or encouraged.

Another type of issue a Los Angeles labor law attorney handles is discrimination. Discrimination is another frequent cause of employment law suits. This is perhaps the most common one, as it appears the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, also known as the EEOC, receives about 100,000 such charges every year. Work place discrimination can be related to the gender, race, nationality, age, sexual orientation or various disabilities. Sometimes one employee sues the company, but there are also cases of multiple aggrieved individuals who decide to seek justice in such employment law suits. Many of them are won by the employees, so business owners and managers should take these things more seriously and try to avoid this type of problems.

There's also a situation, known as discriminatory discharge, which occurs when somebody is laid off because he or she belongs to a legally protected category.

Retaliation may occur with or without a discharge. Moreover, if the individual is still an employee, almost any adverse action towards him or her is an illegality done by the company.

If you believe you should file a lawsuit against your employer and need a Los Angeles labor law attorney, you need to inform yourself on the steps to be followed. In addition, there are deadlines involved, so you have to act within a certain period of time from the unlawful act. Besides, you should always check whether your employer has a complaint procedure you need to follow. It is also possible that you may have to participate in some counseling program or alternative dispute resolution in order to resolve your complaint without going to court.

Once you file your complaint, the state or federal agency in charge is going to examine it in order to see whether it is real or not. Beware that if you want a hearing, you may have to request it, otherwise you are going to receive the decision of the agency without you getting involved in any way.

If the administrative agency fails to issue a decision or if the decision exists but it is adverse to your interests, you can go ahead and file a lawsuit. There are situations in which you can proceed directly to the lawsuit, without the need of any administrative intervention.

If you don't want to spend time with all these issues, you can always hire a Los Angeles labor law attorney to help you prepare your case and to represent you in court. It might be expensive, but if you manage to win your case, you are going to have enough money to pay your lawyer and some more. This method is the best because it saves you a lot of time and it increases your odds of success. Good lawyers have seen a lot of similar situations and they know what to say and how to prepare your case in order to maximize your chances of winning. Hire one and let it be justice!

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