Integrity Under the True Test
Daniel in the Lions Den


Are you in the Lions Den?

In business this could represent anytime we have to face a tremendous challenge that could have consequences attached!

Just as a reminder the biblical reference to the lion’s den is when Daniel was placed in it overnight and survived because of his faith in God. His faith in God was reinforced by studying the word of God and adhering to God’s commandments. In other words he was prepared for the lion’s!

Surviving the lion’s den in business can be accomplished by ensuring that we are educated on what our mission is and continually staying prepared for all types of obstacles. Stephen Covey has referred to this as Sharpening the Saw, which is brilliant as far as I’m concerned!

Staying prepared simply means understanding all new technology and applying what makes sense. It may mean reading the professional journals in your particular field. It may mean practicing over and over again a procedure or action. It may mean role playing. Whatever it means for your business do it!

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Are You In The Lions Den?

If you are a pilot you are required to undergo so many take offs and landings within a certain time frame. This is preparation so that if you are cast into the lion’s den you are prepared. Another example of how a pilot prepares is by using a simulator and also spending many hours as a copilot.

Just as Daniel was prepared for the lion’s den by undergoing many years of trials so must we be ready by doing the same. Our lion’s den might be a situation where we have to make a very difficult decision that could affect many people’s lives. For those in a leadership position every day we make decisions that have an impact on the future of the organization, whether it’s small or very large.

Don’t underestimate the importance of preparation. A surgeon may watch countless surgeries prior to doing one completely on their own. That way if faced with a crisis during a surgery they are more likely to be successful. Same for an Emergency Room Doctor!

Perhaps it’s an unjustified law suit against you or your company. Knowing that you acted in a manner that didn’t put yourself or your company at risk prepares you for the process. On the other hand if you had acted inappropriately you are not ready for the lion’s den. You will be eaten alive!

Thank you and God Bless you!

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