Life Related Quotes
They Will Make Your Laugh And Cry

Life related quotes can take the stress out of life. That is why everyone needs a few words to brighten up their day. Here are some quotes to put a smile on your face.

"There will be nothing to smile about when you get old if you don't do stupid things while you are young."

life related quotes

Enjoy These Life Related Quotes

"Life is similar to tea--though it may be bitter, it is still enjoyable."

"If there was no such thing as women, money would have no meaning.

"If life throws you lemons, throw them back.

"If life was a book, it would find no publisher."

"Life is good when you are lucky, good-looking, and don't think too much.

"Life is like a canvas; so, throw all the paint at it."

"To be successful in life, you have to have three things--a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone."

"One makes a living by what they get, but life is made by what ones give’s."

"A life that goes unexamined is not a life worth living."

"You can't take life too seriously. After all, you don't get out alive."

Cute Life Related Quotes

"I hope your life is like a roll of toilet paper---useful and long.

"A person only has one life to live. But, if it is lived well, then it's worth living.

"Life is not a series of periods; it's a series of commas.

"Everyone flows through different rivers, but ends up in the same sea.

"You need to take big bites if you want to enjoy the flavor of life.

"Life is like an experiment--if you have to make a few errors before you can make it work.

"Life is beautiful like a melody except the lyrics don't always make sense.

"Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

"Some of the best parts of life are those that go unseen. So, be sure your eyes are closed when you dream, kiss, and cry."

"My outlook on life can be described in three words: it goes on.

"There is no rule that says life has to be taken so seriously.

"Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it.

"Life isn't always fair. Even sliding down rainbows can cause splinters.

"Life can be compared to an onion: One layer at a time is peeled off, and it may make you cry.

"When seen close up, life is a tragedy. But in long shot, it's a comedy.

"Live the life that you would like to live. Be the person who you will remember. Make mistakes so you can make better choices. If you fall, at least you tried."

"There are just two tragedies in life: one is when one gets what one wants. The other is getting it.

"In the end, it's not going to matter exactly how many breaths you have taken, but how many moments were able to take your breath away.

"Life is like the art of drawing, but without an eraser.

"Life is a whim of several billion cells put together to be you for some time.

"Life is so very largely controlled by chance that its conduct is like a perpetual improvisation.

"To live is like to love - all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it."

"We only have one life to live, so squeeze everything into it.

You have just read some cute life quotes. The next time you are feeling down or just want to have a laugh, take another look at them. You can even share these cute life quotes with family members and friends to put a smile on their face.

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Life Related Quotes:
Because Sometimes We Just Need To Laugh

It may or may not be surprising but life related quotes are one of the most shareable items on Internet. What we mean is that if a quote is funny yet true enough, it will find its viral way to different people online, especially on Facebook.

If you don't know how life related quotes sound, here are some of them:

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"

"Chocolate is the way to a woman's heart, but it lands in their stomach first!"

"The difference between school and life is that in school they teach you lessons then give you a test. In life, you're given a test before it teaches you a lesson."

"You think that you're life is free until you buy a bag of chips."

Life related quotes are there for several reasons. One is to make us laugh, and the other is to make us think that life isn't so bad, and that there's always something to laugh about, no matter how bad things are.

If you're suffering from depression, or are pathologically sad even when everyone else is laughing, read funny quotes about life. It will help to ease some of the pain you're feeling. It has the same effect as laughter yoga, it makes you laugh... Then it makes you laugh. Here are some other quotes we'd like to share.

"I don't know if you CAN drive through life without directions, but you MAY."

"People who say money is not everything has never much money in life.

If the quotes that we shared are not enough (you want more), or not funny enough to make you laugh, you'd be glad to know that we're not the only source of life related quotes. There are thousands, if not millions, of other wannabes out there. If you just do a search on Google, you will find that are many famous quotes by famous people, and quotes that are fresh from the oven, cooked up by people like you and me.

As an exercise in not taking life too seriously, grab a piece of paper and pencil. Then recall those  eureka moments when Life just pulled its own set of ironies on you, like the time when you were frantically looking for your eyeglasses, only to find out they were just sitting on your forehead.

If you can't recall anything, or you would rather not remember anything, listen to the most ironic set of song we've ever heard: Ironic by Alanis Morisset ("It's like rain on your wedding day....) or Snow On The Sahara by Indonesian singer Anggun. Of course, there are many more songs out there that could inspire a funny life quote, but these are the only ones we remember.

In all, life related quotes are an essential tool for breezing through life. They enable you to look at Life eye-to-eye and say, "My, you're funny."