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There are countless reasons for life coaching. In fact I could fill this page with just listing the multiple reasons alone. But instead I want to focus in on just one of the reasons and that is developing character.

Character is one of those leadership traits that aren’t acquired through some flavor of the week leadership training class. Character is earned through every decision a person makes throughout their life. As hard as it is to learn it can be lost immediately through one flawed decision.

Coaching will act as a real life mirror and or conscience for you provided you are honest with your coach.

Decisions that will affect your character are;

Not cheating on your spouse

Not cheating on your taxes

Not taking credit for something you didn’t do

Not blaming others for something you did do

Not speaking badly behind someone’s back

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Pretending to be someone that you are not

Not running from a challenge

Making excuses for failing

Over reacting to bad situations

These are just a few things that can erode your character. In some cases you can hide them for a while but eventually they will rear their ugly head at the worst time possible.

Using life coaching will hopefully will draw attention to them and allow you to act differently. Life coaching is another term for mentoring.

Just as a fitness trainer works with individuals that are trying to get into shape a coach is working with someone that is trying to become a better person for personal or professional reasons.

During my career I have acted as a life coach for several individuals. As a coach I am not deciding which direction the person should go. My job was to find out where they wanted to go and then helping them achieve that goal. During that process there was many times that I had to tell people what they really didn’t want to hear, but needed to anyway. In one situation the person needed to hear that they were letting people take advantage of them. Through some role playing we were able to discover ways they could handle the challenge without causing turmoil.

We have all taken advantage of a personal coach in one way or another through our parents, bosses, teachers, pastors, neighbors, and many others. We see something in them that we like and then try to model our lives in the same way.

Thank you and May God Bless You!

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