Letter of Appreciation Example

Here is a letter of appreciation example that will help provide you with ideas on how to write your own.

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What an amazing job you did last week escorting the clients from Japan around the facility.

You were able to provide them with all the right information they needed to make a decision to team up with our Company when we begin producing widgets for the Ford Motor Company.

(Letter continued below)

(Letter above continued)

The news of our joint venture with Japan has our stock rising significantly giving even more strength to the overall agreement. This puts our Company in a position to only grow and become a major supplier throughout the automobile industry.

Fred, it is because of dedicated staff members like yourself that has built our Company into a true leader in our industry.

Thank you very much,

Thomas Jefferson

As leaders we should be looking at every opportunity to motivate our employees, which is directly related to increasing productivity. Getting our employees to buy into the direction our business is moving is a must. It reduces work related accidents, decreases absenteeism, increases quality, fewer equipment breakdowns, etc.

Therefore, take the time necessary to appreciate your employees in every possible way you can.

Another Letter of Appreciation Example


All I can say is WOW!

When our girls won the regional basketball championship this past Saturday every parent could only stand in awe of the great job you did to prepare them for that honor.

The countless hours of devotion you put into working with our girls almost every single day for the past four months is without question on of the most selfless acts I have witnessed in a long time. Knowing that you are a volunteer and receive no monetary reward for your amazing efforts I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

You didn’t just stop at teaching our girls basketball you taught them some very valuable life lessons. Lessons such as “Never Quit!” I know at the beginning of this year’s season no one gave out team a chance at winning anything, yet you shaped and molded them into a cohesive team of winners. You taught them that it is more than just basketball skills that win championships. You taught them that you must play with heart!

God Bless You and Thank You Very Much!

George Washington

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