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The below letter of application example  is provided to help you see just how easy writing one can be.

First thing to keep in mind is that recruiters or those individuals charged with hiring have numerous resumes, and or applications, to sift through looking for the right candidate for their organization. That means you must keep your information to the point and address their needs. That requires you to do some homework/research on the organization you are hoping to work for. Find out what the organization needs and more importantly how you can fill that need.

You must get their attention without over stating anything. Remember, let them know you know what they need and you are the one that can help them take care of it. Also, do not try to over sell yourself by becoming some sort of Super Hero flying in to save them. Doing that will turn them off immediately because they think of themselves as successful and will succeed without you.

Remember KISS - Keep It Simple Silly. Direct and to the point!

Example 1:


(Dear Mr/Ms:)

Although you may have a fully staffed research team at (name of company applying to), I know that my background will interest you.

I completed my (list type of degree or education you have) at (location you received your education at).

I worked at (list your prominent work history associated with the position applying for).

In addition, my position as (list any clubs or associations here and your title in them) has allowed me to use my leadership abilities. Please take a careful look at my resume. I know I could be an asset to your company. Call me at (list your telephone number), to schedule an interview.


Bruce Willis

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Sample Letter of Application Example

Dear Mr. Anderson:

It is with great pleasure that I provide my resume for the position of Human Resources Director at premier Los Angeles Hilton Hotel.

As you will see I am currently serving as Human Resources Director for the Detroit Marriott Hotel, which is a 300 room full service property employing more than five hundred staff members.

I am most proud of the performance improvement programs I implemented that increased productivity by more than 25%. In addition, I was responsible for the employee safety program whereby we reduced employee accidents by more than 76%.

Finally, I truly enjoy teaching. I developed a leadership training program dedicated to meet our succession plan. This included all levels of supervision from entry level to our executive team.

I look forward to being able to sit down and meet with your personally to discuss my accomplishments in great detail. I am certain that my experience will match up closely with the job requirements.


Ruth Thompson

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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