Legal Problems - Need Help Selecting the Right Attorney or Lawyer!

Do you have Legal Problems - Do you just pick the first Attorney you see out of the Telephone Book?

Fight off the urge to do that!

It could cost you a lot more than you think!

Just like any other field we need an expert and there are good ones and bad ones!

Don't find out after it's too late and you not only lost but now you’re out of money and maybe even your freedom too!

There is way too much at stake when you have legal problems, so check them out carefully as if your life depended on it, because it just might!

When you have legal problems before you get raked over the coals and lose, here are some possible things to ask them first!

How many cases involving the particular type of case you have, have they handled?

Remember if they are claiming to specialize as an Attorney for a particular area of law then they should have handled a number of them. If they are a brand new attorney out of law school, or this is the first time they have handled the type of case you have then don't be there learning curve. This is vitally important when you have legal problems!

Of the cases they handled how many ended positively for the victim, i.e., YOU? If there were any, follow that question with can you give me some examples. If they answer that with it is confidential information that I can’t reveal, then move on to the next attorney on your list.

What time of day did you call and did they have someone that answered the telephone for them or did they pick it up themselves?

Of the cases they handled how many ended up in the actual court room and how many were settled prior?

If I am going to have heart surgery I don't just want to know how many surgeries the doctor has performed, but how many lived!

Find out how complicated the cases were and if they seem to match up to your situation.

Talk and listen to see if they are attentive to you. Are they really listening to your questions and answers or are they annoyed? Are they giving you canned answers as if it were a sales pitch?

Do they seem to have passion or are they acting like they can't wait to hang up and get another cup of coffee.

Find someone with actual court room experience even though you are hoping to settle out of court, especially if it is a criminal case. This is important I believe.

Finally be clear on what their expenses are. Don't find out after you get started.

I have had an experience with an attorney very early in my life that I just picked out of a phone book and trust me I was very sorry.

It cost me and my wife our home.

Don't make the same mistake we did then! Check them out thoroughly first.

Good Luck and May God Bless You!

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