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Getting legal forms online has never been easier than it is in today’s cyber technological world!

It really doesn’t matter what type of legal form you are looking for you can find it online, and often times if you only need one it might be free. Be careful though since there may be legal consequences if you download and use a legal form that doesn’t meet all the legal requirements necessary.

Therefore, if you are in search of legal forms online and need a company that can meet every possible need you can imagine I am convinced that Standard Legal Forms will meet that need. They are in the business of legal forms online!

Now I personally wouldn’t make a statement like this if I didn’t believe it! This website is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals to be leaders within their own communities and families. That means that as individuals we need to make sound decisions based on facts. I have personally used products from Standard Legal so I feel confident in their service.

legal forms online living wills forms

Living Wills Forms Online Information

Standard Legal provides excellent living wills legal forms online for any state that you are residing in. Just to be clear it does make a difference if you reside in one state when your living will was originally implemented and then you changed your legal residency to another state. By doing so you may have made your living will null and void.

As you already know a living will is for the purpose of making you wishes about medical treatments clear should you become physically or mentally unable to do so. As an example if you were to become what is referred to as brain dead, or a vegetative state, your living wills form would state whether you wished to continue medical care or have it stopped.

It might mean that if you were receiving food though a feed tube they would discontinue it.

Therefore, if your living wills form stated that you did not wish to receive life support if you became brain dead, the medical professionals would allow the natural dying process to take place without additional medical treatment or machines. This may mean that a machine that would normally breathe for someone would be turned off. It might mean that if you were receiving food though a feed tube they would discontinue it.

On the other hand if you wish to have every possible measure taken to continue your life your living wills form can also indicate that as well. It is an emotional decision that requires an individual to really think about how this might play out. It may seem very easy to make the decision while everyone is in good health. However the emotional roller coaster that can play out if a loved one takes a quick turn for the worse. It becomes a terrible decision for those left behind!

Others will not allow a medical official that could be called upon to carry out the wishes to be a witness to the signing of the document.

The other factor that I truly love Standard Legal Legal forms online living wills form is that you understand what is necessary to make the whole process legal. As an example different states require different signatures on the legal forms online in order to make them legal. Some may require two witnesses and a notary republic. Others will not allow a medical official that could be called upon to carry out the wishes to be a witness to the signing of the document. On the other hand some states allow it.

The good news is that Standard Legal forms online walks you through the entire process step by step so you comply with your state laws. Regardless of your decision to receive or not receive life sustaining medical treatment it will give you peace of mind that you will not be putting your loved ones in a position to make that decision for you. Just verbally informing them could create a long legal battle should one member of your family disagree with another.

Think of a living wills form like a power of attorney. The whole purpose of a living will is for you to make known your wishes whether to receive or not receive life support or direct other individuals to make that decision for you. Don't leave them hanging!

legal forms online chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankrutcy Legal Forms Online Information

Should you file for Bankruptcy?

Should you use Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy legal forms online?

Deciding to file for Bankruptcy is a tough decision for anyone, but if you're facing financial difficulty because of the loss of a job or other hardship, Bankruptcy may be an option that will let you get out from under your debts and offer you a way to start over. It's not for everyone, and it should be avoided if at all possible. Bankruptcy laws have also been toughened so that it's much more difficult, now, to file Bankruptcy than it has been in past years. Nonetheless, it still remains a viable option for those who have significant debt that will take years to pay back (if it's possible to pay it back at all); Bankruptcy lets you get out from under your debts and gives you a "fresh start." It's available to almost everyone and you can find advice about Bankruptcy and legal forms online, including Chapter 13 Bankruptcy forms, by visiting STANDARD Legal.

There are two different types of personal Bankruptcy. Most people try to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the most common type. With this type of Bankruptcy, all or at least most of your debts are discharged after the process is complete.

Chapter 13

Most people file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy because it effectively discharges your debt (excepting certain kinds of debts like student loans), but you will have to qualify for it. In the event that you make more than the median income within your state of residence for a family of your size, you probably won't qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. If that happens, you have the option to file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy instead. For this, you need Chapter 13 Bankruptcy legal forms online. These and other legal forms (along with guides to teach you how to use them) can be found online at STANDARD Legal.

How do you file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

If you can't file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy because you don't qualify, you still have the option to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy differs from Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in that you won't be allowed to have all of your debt discharged, as with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Instead, the court will set you up on a three to five year plan whereby you'll pay all or part of your debt to creditors, usually on a monthly basis. The court must approve this, and you'll need to go through the court process and be able to file the proper legal forms online to do so.

On this website, you can find a listing of all the legal forms online you'll need by state to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. These are the same legal forms that the courts will assume that you will file in accordance with jurisdictional Bankruptcy law procedures.

Each form or form packet also comes with a guide for proper usage. Some of the more commonly used packages and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy legal forms include the District Bankruptcy Guides and Legal Packages for Chapters 7, and these are sectioned by state and district. For these specific legal forms online, simply go to the aforementioned website, enter "Chapter 13 Bankruptcy" in the search box at the top of the page, choose your state, and then choose the proper Chapter 13 Bankruptcy package for your district. This contains all of the legal forms online to get you started. You will find your other legal forms necessary for completing the total Bankruptcy experience as well.

Other considerations on Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Please take note that Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also advised if, for example, you have secured debts you would like to continue paying on. One common example is that of a car loan. However, there are also limits to filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. To file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you can't have more than $307,675 in unsecured debt, and $922,975 in secured debt if you want to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy require that you receive credit counseling as a condition of filing.

Managing the process of Bankruptcy yourself

A lawyer can certainly help you work your way through the process of Bankruptcy, but you can save money by finding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy legal forms online and other legal forms so that you can get the process started. As stated previously, these legal forms online are readily available on STANDARD Legal, along with guides that will help you complete them properly. You may in fact be able to complete the process entirely on your own with the guides and legal forms online listed above, and it's completely legal to do so as long as you follow the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. If, however, there are complexities involved like retirement accounts or other possibly exempted assets involved in the Bankruptcy proceedings, you may want to consult an attorney on a peripheral basis simply to make sure everything is in compliance with your jurisdictional laws.

legal forms online corporation

Forming a Corporation Legal Forms Online Information

A corporation arrangement is possibly the most beneficial approach to creating an organization for the simple reason that the company remains an independent body. Overall, it maintains every one of the lawful rights of an individual, apart from a right to vote as well as specific additional restrictions. Companies receive the legal right to exist from the state which authorizes its charter. Should you incorporate within a single state to benefit from the generous corporate regulations nevertheless conduct business within a different state government, you will need to apply for "qualifying measures" within the state that you would like to run this company. There's normally a cost that has to be paid in order to be eligible for you to conduct business in a state. Not to worry you can get legal forms online to facilitate all of this for a very reasonable cost.

You are able to incorporate your personal organization simply by submitting articles of incorporation using the proper bureau where you live. Generally, just one business may have any specified title within a state. Following incorporation, stock is distributed to your corporation's investors in return for the money or any other investments these people provide into it in substitution for the shares. Annually, the investors choose a board of directors, that get together to talk about as well as direct company matters between monthly to annually.

Annually, the company directors choose representatives for example a president, secretary and also treasurer in order to carry out the day-to-day matters of the company. You may also have more officials including vice presidents, should the company directors so choose. Combined with articles of incorporation, the company directors as well as investors generally embrace company bylaws which regulate the authority and power involving the company directors, officials, and investors.

Also smaller, exclusive, specialized businesses, for instance a law or dentist, must follow the rules which control a corporation. For example, after incorporation, common shares must be dispersed to the investors as well as a board of company directors chosen. If you have just one individual creating it, that individual will be the only investor of stock within the company and may choose themselves to the board of company directors along with some other people that individual deems best suited.

When correctly established, capitalized as well as managed (together with effective yearly meetings of investors along with company directors), restrict any legal responsibility of these investors. Whether or not the company isn't profitable or possibly held accountable for damages or injuries in a court action, essentially the most an investor could suffer a loss of is usually their financial investment in the stock. A shareholder's individual resources will not be at risk with regard to company liabilities.

Whether you find and use legal forms online or hire an attorney to accomplish this process for you it is important that you evaluate all the benefits as well as the negatives involved.

Divorce legal forms online

Divorce Information and Legal Forms Online

Divorce Legal Forms Online

Choosing to file for divorce is a major decision and is one that shouldn’t be made lightly. Once the decision is made to file, however, it’s important that the right forms are used to make the filing. Divorce forms are not always easily accessible since different states have different form requirements and not all states make the forms readily available. One method that can be used to overcome the difficulties associated with finding the right form is to purchase and download divorce Legal Forms Online.

Advantages of Buying Divorce Legal Forms Online

One advantage of purchasing divorce Legal Forms Online is that you can be sure that the form you download is the correct form for your state. Many generic legal form collections do not create separate legal forms for each state, resulting in situations where information required by your state may not be on the divorce form that you file. Most websites that sell legal forms such as divorce forms update their forms in accordance with state law, ensuring that each form is correct according to the specifics of the law in the state the form is designed for.

It should be noted that while most websites that sell divorce Legal Forms Online customize their forms to every state, not all websites do. Purchasing a generic divorce form from a website instead of a state-specific form can lead to the same problems as buying generic legal forms from a retailer; all of the information required by your state may not be included on the form. Choosing a website such as U.S. Legal Forms that creates separate divorce forms for each state ensures that your filing will meet state standards.

Another advantage of purchasing divorce Legal Forms Online from a reputable online retailer is that the forms will be digital versions of official filing forms for your state. Because generic forms are not state-specific, some courts will not accept filings made with generic forms even if they contain all of the information required by state law. Using official forms or forms designed specifically for the state you live in ensures that your divorce proceedings won’t be hampered by the court refusing to accept the form you submitted.

Divorce Types

Some states allow “no fault” divorce filings in which no cause for the divorce must be given and only one party is required to make the filing. When a no-fault divorce is filed, the other party has an opportunity to contest the filing or otherwise appeal to the court. If no answer is received from the other party, the court assumes that the parties are agreed and typically grants the divorce. Buying state-specific divorce Legal Forms Online can save a significant amount in attorney’s fees when filing for a no-fault divorce since it significantly reduces the amount of legal assistance needed for the filing.

In states that do not allow no-fault divorces, the parties involved can agree to file for an uncontested divorce. An individual can purchase divorce Legal Forms Online for an uncontested divorce, with both parties signing the forms and submitting them to the court to begin the divorce proceedings. Since the divorce is not being contested, the legal matters surrounding these divorces are usually minimal and focus on topics such as the custody of any children born to the marriage and the division of property between the involved parties. Uncontested divorces typically are processed quickly by the court because both parties agree to the divorce and are often willing to negotiate on divorce terms to expedite the process.

If a divorce is contested by one of the involved parties it generally isn’t possible to purchase divorce Legal Forms Online to file for the divorce. Reasons must be given when filing for a contested divorce, with acceptable reasons ranging from irreconcilable differences to more severe claims of adultery, abandonment, abuse or habitual drug and alcohol use. Significant legal negotiation may be required to reach an agreement between the two parties involved in the divorce, and divorce proceedings may continue for an extended period of time before an agreement is reached which is accepted by both parties. In some cases, the court itself may have to divide property and award custody of any children involved because the couple getting the divorce cannot agree on divorce terms.

Filing for Divorce

Once the decision has been made to file for divorce and a filing type has been chosen, an attorney should be consulted to discuss the divorce and to make the actual divorce filing. If you have purchased divorce Legal Forms Online from U.S. Legal Forms, the attorney can file the forms you’ve filled out directly with the court. Before filing, the attorney may suggest alternatives to divorce such as marital counseling or a trial separation to make sure that you really want to go through with the divorce; if there are considerable assets within the marriage he may also suggest speaking to an accountant or financial planner to ensure that your financial interests are properly represented. After the divorce forms have been filed, your attorney will represent you and your interests in court during the divorce proceedings so that you have someone with a full working knowledge of divorce law on your side throughout the filing.

Land Contracts and Legal Forms Online

Land Contracts Information and Legal Forms Online

A Land Contract tends to be a beneficial method intended for sellers that happen to be marketing a home and considering carrying the loan for the purchaser. This provides sellers with an income plus typically a greater interest rate compared to rates provided on certificates of deposit or money market accounts. Nevertheless, a wise seller ought to take measures to safeguard equity and make certain the buyer will be able to satisfy the conditions involving the land agreement or contract.

Distinction Involving a Land Contract versus a Home loan

Land agreements or contracts are actually legal contracts involving the vendor, referred to as a Seller, along with a vendee, referred to as a Buyer. The Seller provides the capital to the Buyer that might or might not include an underlying loan. The fundamental distinction between the land contract and a home loan would be the vendee doesn't obtain a clear title or deed on the real estate prior to the land agreement or contract is completely paid.

Certain states provide regulations which address a land agreement much like a trust deed, and these land contracts offer a trustee, providing a trustee "power of sale" to be able to begin the foreclosure process if ever the Buyer fails on the agreement. Some other states offer vendees a greater time span of payoff, much like those within a home loan. Hence, it is essential to decrease the likelihood of default simply by getting a qualified Buyer.

Safeguarding the vendor using a Residence Land Agreement or Contract Sale

For people with an underlying loan, provided an option involving a straight agreement or a wrap-around agreement, provide the wrap-around. This provides you with an override on the current rate of interest on the 1st loan. Request legal counsel regarding an alienation clause.

1 . Get a Credit History on the Vendee. In the event the vendee has recorded a bankruptcy, has recorded past due payments or, even worse, absolutely no credit history, these negative records should be a warning sign.

2 . Require Title Insurance. Title searches using public documents should definitely indicate liens as well as judgments recorded against the vendee. Typically the title business will more than likely request fulfillment of any encumbrances prior to insuring your land agreement on your title coverage. Request to view a copy of the initial title document in order to decide if your research discloses something in regards to the buyer.

There is much more to a Land Agreement or Contract and Standard Legal will help you through the entire process.

Child Custody Information and Legal Forms Online

If you're looking for child custody legal forms online then I know that you are going through a pretty traumatic time in your life right now!

But you're doing the right thing by trying to find out what you can do to prepare yourself for what comes next! My hope is that I can get you pointed into the right direction by understanding a little more about the process and what forms will help you prepare for that!

Before we discuss what child custody legal forms online you may need let's talk about what's involved.

. There are two kinds of child custody; legal custody and physical custody. As you are so well aware of child custody battles arise when two parents have made a decision to separate and/or divorce.

This simply means that based on the court's decision the child or children will live at one parent's house part of the time and then at the other parents house the other.

First it is important to understand that there are no child custody legal forms online that can designate either physical or legal custody. Only a court can determine this. Child custody legal forms online are available to help you prepare for that hearing.

Physical custody is obvious in that it determines who the child or children will live with. In some cases physical custody may be considered joint. This simply means that based on the court's decision the child or children will live at one parent's house part of the time and then at the other parents house the other. This does not necessarily mean that it is divided equally. This is where U.S. Legal Forms can help by providing child custody legal forms online that will ask you all the pertinent questions you will need to know going into a hearing. The good news is that U.S. Legal Forms sells forms like this to attorneys also. This could save you money prior to securing an attorney you could complete the questionnaire and then make your appointment with the lawyer.

Simply put it allows the parent who has been awarded legal custody to determine the normal needs of a child, such as, medical, dental, school, participation in certain activities…

Legal custody on the other hand signifies which parent, or parents if joint, can make decisions for the child's welfare. Simply put it allows the parent who has been awarded legal custody to determine the normal needs of a child, such as, medical, dental, school, participation in certain activities, etc. Most times legal custody is given to both parents with some exceptions. Those exceptions may be for the benefit of expediency. As an example it does not necessarily require both parents to authorize emergency medical help. Some courts have even mandated that parents must meet with a mediator to determine more complex decisions for the child.

The U.S. Legal Forms child custody legal forms online should help you to sort many of the questions you have prior to moving forward. You are going to be asked everything from your income to more personal questions. It of course is extremely important to be honest even if you think that you can get away with it. As an example if you are making a certain amount of money, you better put it down and not try and hide portions of it. Once a judge has determined you are not telling the truth about one thing then everything else is questionable. This is not the time to risk giving up your rights over a few dollars. Remember they are your children.

Looking past the court hearing it is also important to understand that visitation and child support are two different elements…

Looking past the court hearing it is also important to understand that visitation and child support are two different elements of the court's decision. If you are required to pay child support and the other parent is not allowing you visitation you are still required to pay it. The court will sort out the requirement of the parent who is not complying with the order. It generally the parent not complying will be held in contempt of court. The same is true if you are the parent with, physical custody and are not receiving child support you can't without visitation of the parent not paying the required support. Again, the court's can determine that the parent is in contempt. In some states they have all kinds of ways to encourage a parent to pay, such as, withholding a driver's license until the pay.

Be prepared!

Do your homework!

Be honest!

Don't make the child pay for you and your spouse not being able to live together!

Legal Separation Agreement and Legal Forms Online

Legal Separation Agreement Information

A legal forms online separation agreement is solely used for couples who are considering divorce. Unfortunately they are used when the both spouses have decided, or are deciding, on how to divide possessions, assets and child custody toward the end of a relationship. Sometimes the people involved are not even looking for a divorce and for others, the papers help ease into the dissolution of marriage.

There are two main forms of a legal separation agreement. One is legally binding and the other serves as an outline for a future legally binding form. For a couple who intends to end things, deciding on the division of property and on custody can alleviate forthcoming stress. Another difference between the two is that the former can often be done for free online and the other usually requires a lawyer or some other legal consul.

People who choose this route may be opposed to a permanent break up because of religious beliefs.

There are situations in which the people may never settle on permanently breaking up. People who choose this route may be opposed to a permanent break up because of religious beliefs. There might also be children to consider, in which case the parents might decide that staying together is best for them but living together is just not preferable.

If the spouses do want to end things forever, a legal separation agreement is ideal because it can prevent a lot spiteful wrongdoings. Things often become more emotional as the ending nears and so really taking the time to contemplate on who gets what early on is a proactive way to avert any painful transgressions. Things like debt, custody, housing and future payments can be settled before things get too hot and during a time when each person is thinking rationally.

Legal separation agreements can be written up individually or with both parties involved.

Legal separation agreements can be written up individually or with both parties involved. Individually, this allows the person to really think what is important and come to a decision before going to meet the other couple. This way lets boundaries be established before entering a potentially compromising confrontation. If done together, however, it can clear the air and give each a better perspective of what the other is looking for.

A lot of companies offer a walk through of legal forms online separation agreements without any obligation. These can be put forward as a petition for future court processes. In order to finalize what has been put done it needs to be filed as a formal action with the county Clerk of Court. There are some states, however, that do not recognize legal separations so it is important to know what and what cannot be done in the area of residence.

Luckily these originals can be used as a draft for a more personalized version.

There are prewritten legal forms online separation agreements but these are not required. Although these usually just entail that the signer fill in the blanks, the language can be technical and unrecognizable. Luckily these originals can be used as a draft for a more personalized version. This is helpful since every situation is unique and no romantic relationship can be pigeon holed.

A legal forms online separation agreement is a great way to avoid a lot of future trauma. They can be made to suit personal needs, they can be done alone or with the partner and many of them are free and easy to use. It is a positive way to go through an unpleasant experience.

If you are in search of a legal forms online separation agreement online and need a company that can meet every possible need you can imagine I am convinced that Standard Legal will meet that need. They are in the business of legal forms online!

May God Bless You!

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